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Ask Emily - Navigating Your City


Questions in this Episode:

1. "I would love your tips on solo excursions. I've made it my mission to discover more about my city this year, but sometimes my friends aren't as interested in the same restaurants and museums. How can I make myself more comfortable (and not feel as awkward!) when I'm out by myself?"

(start time - 00:12)

2. "What tips do you have for stepping out of your city comfort zone to explore new neighborhoods? It's so easy to fall back on nearby favorites!"

(start time 01:32)

3. "My husband and I are thinking of relocating from WA state to San Francisco, what are your recommendations for the Bay Area and finding the right neighborhood in the city? On that note what are your neighborhood must-haves?"

(start time - 03:04)

4. "I just moved to NYC and am struggling to find things to do that aren't expensive! I also don't know how to make new friends on my own, since my boyfriend isn't here. Any thoughts?" (start time - 04:50)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links