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Ask Emily

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Questions in this Episode:

1. "What is your favorite heel height? I live in Wisconsin so fashion isn't nearly as forward, plus heels aren't really functional all year due to our weather. But, I would love to invest in some staple pairs for my closet and am wondering what your ideal height is?" (start time - 00:08)

2."I'm interested in knowing your opinion on what to do with old clothes, books, and jewelry. I don't want to continue the cycle of buying things, then giving them away when I'm over them. If feels wasteful and ends up being very expensive in the long run. I'd love to be organized enough to sell the better quality things in order to fund new purchases, and then still give away things that are in good condition to charity. What do you do?" (start time - 02:04)

3. "You are such an established blogger with great fans who love your posts. But have you ever posted something that just "flopped" -- something that no one liked or commented on, or even that most people disliked? What have you learned from blogging mistakes and how do you continue to create great content that people love? (start time - 03:59)

4. "Is it too late to write thank you notes for my birthday even though it's been a month since it happened? when is it just too late?" (start time - 05:57)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.