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Ask Emily - Wedding Questions Part 1


Questions in this Episode:

1. "My fiancé and I are planning a NYC wedding. As you know, it's incredibly expensive in the city so we have to keep the guest list smaller than we'd like (around 200). What do you think is the best criteria to use when drafting out list?" (start time - 00:12)

2. It is extremely important to have our personality shine through on our wedding day. I want to ensure the wedding "feels" like us, and has some personal touches. How did you incorporate you and your husbands personalities to make your wedding special for you both?" (start time - 01:20)

3. "My wedding starts at 6 pm. Do you have any ideas on how my fiancé and I can try and stay relaxed and not be exhausted by the time out wedding starts?" (start time - 02:51)

4. "Any tips on how to track and send out all the thank you cards timely and efficiently after the wedding?" (start time - 03:50)

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links