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Ask Emily

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Questions in this Episode:

1. "I've had very long hair for many years and I've been going back and forth with the idea of cutting it for a change. I think I could look great with a long bob/ shoulder length but I just don't want to regret cutting it. I love your actual hairstyle, do you ever miss having longer hair?" (start time - 00:08) Hair chop inspiration

2. "Hi Emily, I work from home and would like to know if you have advice for organizing a home office that is functional and neat in a small space. I recently moved into a studio apartment and have designated a corner for my office (desk, chair, printer etc). I have also set aside the bottom half of a tall closet for work-related storage. Tips for an uncluttered desk (as it's in my living space!) and storage ideas for the closet would be really helpful." (start time - 01:08)

A favorite resource for office supplies, Tips from my office

3. "Hi Emily, I am beginning my first year of college in a few, short months. I'd love to hear your thoughts & any advice on this time of life. (i.e. being stylish, becoming purposeful & driven in these years,or dorm decor tips.) (start time - 02:50)

See what I was talking about on Ask Emily this time last year!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.