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Ask Emily: All About Pets

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Questions in this Episode:

1. "We are thinking about a kitty and I am hesitant because I am not ready to face the whoas of a litter box...litter rocks everywhere, what are the best types of litter and boxes, creative places to discreetly place the boxes, Help! How do others do this? (start time - 00:15) Litter box mentioned: Modkat Litter Box

2. "What is your funniest/favorite pet story?" (start time - 01:31)

3. My cat has a problem with scratching a particular chair of ours. No matter how many times I spray him with water, or tell him to stop, he keeps on going back! Since you're a cat owner, do you have that problem and if so, how have you solved it?" (start time - 02:22)

4. Can you recommend some healthy treats for cats? We are feeding ours Purina Whisker Lickin but I recently noticed the main ingredients are what flour, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product, glycerin...sometimes I think it would be healthier simply to boil a piece of chicken for her with no salt or spices and feed her that instead of these packaged treats. What are your thoughts?" (start time - 03:36)

5. Your home is always filled with beautiful flowers - how do you keep your kitties from eating your arrangements? Every time I have flowers in the house our cats start snacking on them!" (start time - 04:26)

6. How do you ensure that your clothes are never hairy? That's my biggest issue with getting a cat!" (start time - 05:22) Cat Brush Mentioned: Furminator

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.