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Ask Emily


Questions in this Episode:

1. "I'm ready to give my makeup collection a long overdue makeover. I am hoping to find a handful of high quality, multifunctional products that will work for both daytime and evening looks. Your makeup always looks so beautiful. Are there any specific products or brands that you consider "must haves"? (start time - 00:08)

products mentioned in answer: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Tarte Cheek/Lip Stain, Nars Illuminator Stick

2. "I've recently started dating a new guy and want to invite him over for dinner. He also happens to be a chef so I want to make something foolproof so I don't embarrass myself. Do you have any ideas for a sexy but easy dinner for two?"(start time - 01:04)

Cheese Guide and Wine Guide mentioned in answer

3. "What time of day do you normally shoot for your outfit post when shooting outdoors?"

(start time - 01:54)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links