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Ask Emily


Questions in this Episode:

1. "Your eye makeup is always so well done but from your photos it's hard to tell if you opt for black or dark brown eyeliner. I wear black but am wondering if brown would look more natural. I'm curious, which do you prefer and why?" (start time - 00:08)

2. "I finally just bought my own DSLR and am currently only making use of the automatic and "effects" settings. Did you take photography lessons for improving your skills? How do you manage to take pictures of yourself without the help of your husband and how would you describe your attitude towards  always taking your camera with you and being close to only seeing everything through the lens." (start time - 00:49)

3. "I just got my first big-girl-job and I will be doing a lot of public speaking. Being front and center and commanding an audience makes me nervous. Do you have any tips to help me improve or any advice on how to appear more comfortable when I'm in front of people? I'll be doing media/ on camera interviews, and in front of large audiences." (start time - 02:10)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links