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Ask Emily


Questions in this Episode:

1. "Emily, did you design your own engagement ring? If so, how were you certain it would be something you still like years down the road? What advice do you have for someone who is designing her own, and what are your thoughts on picking a ring together versus being surprised?"

(start time - 00:07)

2. Do you ever feel awkward posing and being photographed out in public for your style posts? Do people stare? What's your strategy for going out on the streets and getting great photos where you look natural and relaxed? I always freeze up in front of the camera, especially if other people are around so I'd love to know any tricks you have picked up over the years."

(start time - 01:05)

3. "You seem to have a lot of connections. My job requires networking and I'm not very good at it. Do you have any advice for making connections?"

(start time - 02:06)P.S. My top is available here.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links