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Ask Emily


Questions in this Episode:

1. "When it comes to weekend plans, how do you mix it up? I'm always nervous about getting stuck in a routine, and I want to take advantage of the season! I could use some help!"

(start time - 00:09)

2. "Since your blog has become so incredibly popular have you taken any classes or courses, such as cooking classes, fashion classes, home decor, makeup courses, etc. to increase your knowledge on the subjects and to help with your posts?"

(start time - 01:03)

3. "I was wondering if you had any good grocery shopping tips. I am trying to cook at home more, and I find buying the correct amount of groceries to be a bit of a struggle - I either buy too much and things go bad, or too little and am visiting the grocery store every other day."

(start time - 2:02)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links