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Ask Emily


Questions in this Episode:

1. "Often you wear really cute stuff from H&M and Forever 21. I feel totally overwhelmed when I try to shop at either- too much stuff on each rack, too much stuff in the store, etc. What are your tips for being able to sniff out the good stuff?" (start time - 00:07)

2. "When you started the blog, what were your mistakes & what were the successes that garnered more attention?" (start time - 01:05)

3. "At the beginning of your blogging career, I noticed that you mentioned a few times that you are (were) a terrible cook and basically only helped by cutting vegetables. Now you seem very talented at cooking and baking, and you really seem to enjoy it... What motivated you to start cooking and baking more, and do you have any tips (other than being patient and a lot of practice) for becoming a good cook? What kept you continuously motivated to become better?" (start time - 02:04)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links