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Ask Emily


Questions in this Episode:

1. "I'm a long distance bridesmaid and since it's harder to be part of the planning process I wanted to send the bride to be little gifts throughout the year to let her know I'm thinking about her. Do you have any suggestions for original gifts, both big and small, for the bride to be? What are some of the most thoughtful or helpful gifts you received?" (start time - 00:08)

2. "Is there a balance you find helpful between deciding what parts of your personal life you decide to share with us and what you decide to keep private?" (start time - 01:00) (Post mentioned in this answer)

3. "I am moving into my new flat next month. My main room is painted in the same light pink color as your office. Do you have any recommendations for the decor and colors I can combine with these walls? I don't want to have it too girly, though." (start time - 01:54)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links