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It's not often that I come across a site that's stocked with so many inspiring products that I dedicate an entire morning to browse through all of their inventory. A+R is home to some of the coolest things for your house, including gadgets that would make even the techiest of nerds beam with excitement. It wasn't easy for me to narrow down just a few favorites, but these items certainly top my list.  


1. Animal Shot Glasses. These would give your bar some serious street cred with a Royal Tenenbaums-esque vibe.


2. Carrie Bicycle Basket. I haven't ridden a bike since I was five (I grew up in a hilly area, okay?), but this sweet basket is enough to make me start up again.


3. Ceramic Crinkle Cups. I love the idea of using casual glasses for wine when friends come over for dinner and these are a fun alternative to stuffy stemware.



Acrylic Trophy Deer Head

. A much classier way to add a nature-inspired element to your place without hanging a carcass on your wall.    



Pig Bank

. Throwing loose pennies into this little guy would be a way cuter option than the growing stack of change on my nightstand.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.