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Alina's Loving Now: Vintage Sweatshirts

A weekly list of what our Editorial Director is currently coveting.
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One of my favorite things about Alina—and something I'm thankful I was able to recognize even in my first interview with her—is her uncanny ability to hone in on cool and interesting items before they become trends. Her consistent track record for forecasting trends includes jogger pants (which she wore to her interview with me), bomber jackets (which inspired a piece in our fall line that sold out almost as soon as it launched last week), and countless beauty products (if there's a new and improved luminizer or mascara, she's the first to tell me about it). It only made natural sense to turn her talent into a series, which is why, starting this week, Alina will be documenting some of her favorite trends, from how to wear them to where to find them, starting with: Vintage Sweatshirts. - Emily

Hey guys! Alina here. So I'm a hardcore shopper by nature and love a good brick-and-mortar experience. Oftentimes I find myself gravitating towards certain pieces and it isn't until the second or third time I pick up the same type of item with intent to purchase, that I realize it's a pattern. That happened with me and vintage sweatshirts recently. After beelining for two in one evening while vintage shopping for Halloween (they had nothing to do with my costume, of course), I realized I had officially entered a "vintage sweatshirt" phase. I love their easy ability to casually dress down a miniskirt, heels, or slacks with an effortless, approachable-cool vibe. More on my current favorite finds below! -Alina 

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1. Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt (American Vintage):

The other day while getting dressed for work, I put on a white sweater tank and cropped black trousers, but knew the ensemble needed something to make it less serious, so I grabbed this guy and tied him around my waist. With cute tennis shoes, it's a wearable look with a dose of nostalgia and color (always a fun surprise to see cartoon Mickey Mouse in the back), versus something resembling a waiter's uniform. 

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2. Nike Sweatshirt (Nike Store):

This sweatshirt isn't technically vintage, but authentically vintage or not, the look is the same, so "vintage-inspired" counts in my book. I love a retro Nike piece and Emily thought this was a real-deal vintage find when I wore it to casual Friday one day, even though I bought it brand-new at a Nike Town—so that means success.

3. Guess Sweatshirt (Wasteland):

This is my favorite sweatshirt of the bunch. I found it for only $30 at one of L.A.'s best consignment store brands, Wasteland, in the valley. It fits more comfortably than any sweatshirt I've ever owned. The sleeves are a pillow-soft, oversized-boyfriend-sweatshirt dream. I especially love the Miami Vice-esque colors that look so good with crisp white and a tan. I also love that it says "Committed to Fashion," because I am definitely that. 


4. "It's Never Too Late" Sweatshirt ($134, Assembly):

This is another sweatshirt that really looks and feels vintage. It's minimalist and cool, with perfect little rips and holes that don't seem too grungy because of the clean color and shape. With an asymmetrical black miniskirt (also vintage from Assembly) and Converse high-tops, I'm ready for a chill Friday night in Silver Lake.


5. BYU Sweatshirt (Slow Vintage Clothing):

I'v always been drawn to varsity-inspired style, and this vintage BYU sweatshirt is so cool and unique. I have really casual style in general, so if I'm going to be wearing something as feminine as a tulip-hemmed miniskirt with polished suede heels, I'm going to feel most natural by throwing on a vintage varsity sweatshirt. 

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6. Navy-Blue Sweatshirt (Assembly):

I'm into the super worn-in, athletic feel of this plain navy crew-neck sweatshirt. It reminds me of the uniform in every track-and-field movie scene from '70s-made films, like Carrie. Because it's so sporty, I like pairing it with a streamlined leather miniskirt and luxe heels, to balance its casualness.

7. Highlands Sweatshirt (Isabel Marant):

Isabel Marant does "new-but-vintage-looking" like nobody's business. It's neat that despite being current, this one resembles a classic high school or college sweatshirt, like the BYU piece. The other day my friend's grandfather earnestly asked me what "Highlands" meant, assuming there had to be a story behind it, because who would just wear a word across their chest that had no actual connection to their life? I had to tell him I had no idea and that it was a meaningless word on a sweatshirt I bought because it looks cool, and felt a bit silly, but I love it nonetheless. 

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1. TopShop Snoopy Sweatshirt (on sale for $35): I like the sweet message on this nostalgic piece and, the fact that it's black and white makes it more wearable than if it had been in color (even though I realize Snoopy himself is always black and white). It combines the look of my "It's Never Too Late" sweatshirt with the playfulness of my Mickey Mouse one. 
2. Baja East Printed Sweatshirt ($225): This sweatshirt is too cool for words. I'm obsessed with the faded color and ghost-looking horse print, and am struggling not to purchase it. How I'd like to wear it with laid-back bottoms for a lived-in, lazy-weekend look! 
3. Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt ($98): This is a cute little retro-inspired piece that I'd pair with bell bottoms to play up its '70s vibe. It's giving me a Dazed and Confused feel. 
4. Vintage Levi's Oatmeal Sweatshirt ($195): Everything about this vintage sweatshirt is perfect, from the neutral color to the fading and holes. I can't count the number of ways you could wear this.
5. Grey Adidas Sweatshirt ($40): For its throwback style and price point, this one's a real steal. Like my sporty blue one above, it's the kind of sweatshirt I'd pair with a leather A-line mini to offset it's athleisure-ness. 
6. Metallica 1988 Sweatshirt ($195): I like a good band sweatshirt and have a thing for Metallica after my older brother got me into them (and past their intimidating, heavy metal vibe) in high school. With a mini skirt and high-tops, you're good to go. 
7. Lake Sweatshirt ($185): This one has the same sort of look and feel as number 2, and I'm really feeling the pull to purchase it! It just looks so comfy for weekend-wear.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.