Ace in the Hole

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After I read


article over at


, I knew that I simply had to see what all the buzz was about at the newly opened

Ace Hotel & Swim Club

in Palm Springs. Not only is their website incredibly alluring, but I now kind of need to re-decorate my entire apartment to look like their rooms. They have an earthy I'm-into-camping-but-would-still-rather-sleep-in-a-hotel-room vibe. See what I mean?  




Though we're only staying one night, I've already picked out the most appealing dishes I plan to order from their menu I found online. I'm pretty sure that's not normal.

-Lox and bagel with tequila cured salmon -Manchego cheese and beet salad -Ricotta hot cakes with maple crunch butter -Jicama & pomegranate salad with feta -Irish porridge with torched bananas

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

xo Emily

P.S. Check out Paula's Outfit to Room post on her blog, two ellie, where I'm featured!