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A Novel That Keeps You Guessing and Heartwarming New Movie

Plus, the best snack I brought backpacking.

This weekend, Jonah and I headed to the Mt. Hood wilderness with his mom and her partner to backpack the Timberline Trail. The loop follows the base of Mt. Hood, along 40 miles of up-and-downs and the kind of genuinely breathtaking views you only see backpacking. Most of my photos currently live in a disposable camera—a tradition I've kept since I started backpacking in high school—so I don't have much to show for it yet, but it's amazing what just a few days in nature can do. I'm entering this week feeling incredibly clear-headed and inspired by the part of the world I get to call "home!" Here are a few things I loved this week:


The novel's title is the first nod to its layers and many twists. The Plot could refer to a burial plot, a scheme, or a plot for a book so brilliant, it can't fail, which is where the book starts. When Jacob Finch Bonner's student tells him his novel's plot, he decides to use it himself, in an ethically questionable move that's justified by Bonner's self-proclaimed responsibility to bring such a brilliant idea to an audience. The book reads like a thriller, as the result of Bonner's decision and the plot itself are revealed (Korelitz also wrote the book that the HBO miniseries "The Undoing" was based on!). Part Yesterday, part Crime and Punishment (admittedly a strange combo, but tell me if it doesn't make sense after reading it), I tore my way through it—and suspect you will too! 


Ahead of backpacking, Jonah and I went nuts on Thrive—which, let me tell you, is an excellent place to discover snacks. We ordered some seriously good options: Charcuterie Crisps?? These delightful pumpkin seeds! Brami beans, which I can understand are not for everyone, but I love. But the biggest hit was Neptune's Fish Jerky in Sweet Citrus Ginger (which is also sold directly from their site here!). Like most jerky, it's expensive, but it knocked our socks off and is an excellent alternative to anyone else also looking to cut out beef!


In 'Baby Done,' Zoe (Rose Matafeo) is completely in denial of her pregnancy with her longtime boyfriend Tim (played by "Now Hot Neville" Matthew Lewis). She doesn't want to engage in the same robotic checklist her friends have: Wedding? Done. Baby? Done. Plus, she qualified for World's in competitive tree climbing—which being eight months pregnant would most definitely interfere with. The movie is heartwarming and relatable in its exploration of the fear of losing a part of yourself to have a kid. Watch it here

P.S. I'm officially a Rose Matafeo fan—have you seen her show Starstruck on HBO? We're one episode in, but enjoyed the first!


I loved the show Shrill, starring Aidy Bryant and based on Lindy West's memoir, so much that it was only a matter of time before I picked up the book. But the places I could read it became increasingly limited—I couldn't read it before going to bed, because I would laugh too hard and wake Jonah up. And after snort-laughing in a coffee shop loud enough to draw attention to myself, I had to rule out reading it anywhere there are people. West is truly that funny, but she also deftly takes on body shaming and the weirdness of dating and just being human, while throwing around gems like, "We only get one life. Wasting someone’s time is the subtlest form of murder."

2 copy

1. "Online security questions have the feel of icebreakers we might have played in middle school, or maybe second-date questions; they require us to self-define using arbitrary markers." (NYT)

2. Buck Mason, a favorite for basic tees, recently sent me a few of their new women's tanks, which are already in regular rotation.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.