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A Fresh Way to Do Florals for Summer

That you may want to keep for yourself.
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We've all seen those arrangements before, the ones with trays or boxes filled to the brim with seemingly floating rose tops that are show-stopping in their elegance and simplicity. But it wasn't until recently that we thought about recreating this flower tray ourselves. It turned out to be surprisingly easy, and makes for a fantastic hostess gift or centerpiece for your own home (or office), especially since the tray can be repurposed elsewhere after the roses have faded away. Here's how to make it yourself: 

What You'll Need: 

-Tray or empty box (a clothing gift box you get at a store would also be a great option) 
-Enough floral foam to fill the bottom of the box (we used dry foam but wet foam will eep your flowers fresh longer) 
- 2 to 3 dozen roses to fill the box (we love going to the LA Flower Market for quality stems at a good price) 
-Floral shears


First, cut the floral foam to fit inside your tray. We were not very precise with this since flowers cover the pieces of foam towards the center of the tray. It's more important to get the edges, which are more likely to be exposed, to be more straight. Try to find foam that's the same height as the container to minimize the need for cutting it down. 


Trim the roses with the shears, cutting the stem at an angle and leaving about 1 inch of stem length, or more depending on the depth of your tray.


Remove any remaining leaves, sepals, and browning petals. The goal is to make each rose as clean and consistent as possible to create that monochromatic look. 


Finally, use the cut stems to puncture holes into the foam. Insert a rose into each hole. We created holes as we went, since the size of the individual roses dictated where the next row of roses would begin.


We discarded roses that were too big or brown as we went, and wherever there was a smaller bud, we tried to place a larger one next to it to balance it out and try to hide as much of the foam as possible. 


Continue building rows of roses until you've filled the tray. Remember to pour water in to soak the foam and keep the roses fresh for longer. Enjoy!

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.