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A Beautiful Pink (!) Cake That Doesn't Use Any Food Coloring

And an episode so funny I watched it twice.
Chefanie gifted me these bowtie pasta earrings and they are now my most prized possession 

Chefanie gifted me these bowtie pasta earrings and they are now my most prized possession 

Last week was a weird week. Chock it up to being extremely busy and a schedule that offered very little leeway, but I dropped the ball about a thousand times: I rescheduled countless calls and meetings, ran late to all of the calls I did take, and worked straight through a lunch meeting on Thursday only to realize an hour later that I'd missed it. And there are still about 40 texts I haven't responded to and twice as many emails sitting in my inbox. My head is spinning with all the things I still haven't gotten to, but at a certain point all you can do is say, that's life! This weekend, I abandoned my to-do list and inbox entirely to head to a second-annual trip to Park City with friends for a weekend packed with my three passions: skiing, books, and friends. There's really nothing like a restorative weekend that can make you (kind of) forget all of the things you have to do. Here's what I'm loving this week:


In Karen Thompson Walker's novel The Dreamers, a mysterious and highly contagious disease is causing people to fall into deep sleep in a small Northern California town. As the epidemic sweeps through the town, Walker's novel introduces new characters, questions, and problems. Though reading it during a bout of insomnia felt cruel (how I'd love to catch a sleeping disease), it was also likely the reason I couldn't fall back asleep: I didn't want to put it down. 

P.S., I also recently finished The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai, which I loved—but in addition to it being a stunning novel, it also helped me understand just how harrowing the AIDS crisis was in the 1980s. 


I have Alexa embedded into my Sonos speakers, but the only thing I ever use "her" for is to set timers in the kitchen and play the Modern Love podcast while washing the dishes, when my hands are too soapy to reach for my phone. But for the past few mornings, I've been using the New York Times' skill "My Well Minute." Each day, the New York Times wellness columnist Tara Parker-Pope offers a simple challenge to improve your life over 28 days, like practicing mindfulness over your morning coffee or scheduling an exercise date with a friend. The tips are not ground-breaking by any means, but they do offer a refreshing break in routine which I think offers value! It's also available in web form here.


I loved the first season of Shrill, Aidy Bryant's show on Hulu, but the second season is even better, full of hilarious insights on par with Fleabag, with one episode in particular. In it, Bryant's character Annie covers a female empowerment conference with the acronym WAHAM (Women Are Having a Moment). The episode pokes fun at the hypocrisy of female conferences that celebrate inclusion, "lifting up every woman" while hawking products to make your life better, at a cost encapsulated on this hilarious conversation. Watch it here!


For a friend's birthday last week, I wanted to bake her something beautiful, but delicious (with the very limited baking skills I have) and knew I'd found just the thing when I stumbled across this blood orange citrus cake on the Los Angeles Times. While I only ended up making the frosting, it paired perfectly with my favorite cake of all time, Maialino's Olive Oil cake, and was a true show-stopper I'd make again, even if my frosting didn't come out quiiite as vibrant as the photo! 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.