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9 Simple and Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts You May Be Tempted to Steal for Yourself

Beyond the boring card and flowers routine.
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I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I never fully understood the importance of Mother's Day until becoming a mom myself (does anyone?). I always did something special for my mom, like making her breakfast in bed, but I couldn't grasp how much a simple day of acknowledgment would mean to me, and moms everywhere, until I had Sloan. For the past four years, I've made a concerted effort to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom and daughter. This year, my parents are coming down for a long weekend and I've been brainstorming meaningful gifts to give my mom before she and my dad drive back up to Mill Valley on Sunday. In the process, I've come up with some several ideas I'm excited about, in the hopes they inspire you:

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The best gifts are the ones you'd never think to buy for yourself, but make your life that much better. This electronic mug ($79) is exactly that—it keeps her coffee or tea at the perfect pre-set temperature until she finishes it. Combine it with this organic tea sampler, an ethical alternative to Nespresso pods, or this chic and delicious dark roast (which is roasted by the new Tartine Bakery in L.A!).

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When Leslie brought her lunch to the office in this pretty pink bowl ($25-$40, depending on color), I instantly wrote it down as a potential Mother's Day gift. I love the idea of gifting her something she'll use everyday, and there's such a wide variety of color options you can select your mom's favorite. Consider gifting it with this cookbook of lunch bowl ideas to spark inspiration, plus a matching water bottle and eco-friendly bamboo cutlery

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This small, but powerful speaker ($60) is portable so she can listen to podcasts while prepping in the kitchen pre-party, then tote it to the living room when guests arrive. Consider adding a wine subscription, a gold Champagne pull that looks a lot more expensive than it is ($27), or a candle ($58) I love so much I tracked it down from Paris so I could add it to our Shop.  

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If your mom is on a travel kick, put together an old-school care package filled with over-looked necessities that will make her trip just a little bit sweeter. I'd start with this cute case for her airpods ($9), a pretty portable charger ($64), carry-on cocktail kit ($18), and a playful neck pillow ($24) all packed into a clear-case that she can use for liquids (on flights within the country). I also love this wireless headphone transmitter ($40), so she can use her favorite bluetooth speakers for in-flight movies. 

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Encourage your mom to take a day off, which is honestly the best gift any mom could receive. Set her up with a Book of the Month subscription or splurge on this beautiful and empowering set ($225), the softest pajamas ($118), and shearling slippers (on sale for $106) or cashmere better-than-hotel slides ($150). This throw is over-the-top expensive ($350), but impossible not to include since it's so cute. 

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I've never known my mom to miss a day at the gym. Her dedication is inspiring, to say the least, and I know she'd enjoy any one of these gifts: a well-designed and hard working post-gym activewear wash ($22), post-workout CBD-infused patch ($12) for sore muscles, and an activity tracker as pretty as a piece of jewelry ($85).

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Create a cute care-package for her days out in the sun with this book, which is pretty much a bible for house plants ($15), plus a darling and protective sun visor ($125) and bouquet in card form ($6). And if she doesn't have a green thumb, you can still send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, like this stunning option ($120) from Urban Stems or this cute little guy ($26) from The Sill.

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Taking a bath is one of my favorite rituals, and became all the more important to me once I had Sloan, since it's either an opportunity for us to bond (most of my baths are with her) or a rare opportunity for some blissful alone time. Give your mom some products to encourage her own "me" time, with a dry brush ($32), really good bath salts ($35), all-natural bath bomb ($10), and bamboo bath caddy ($34). I even sometimes add Sloan's colorful bath tabs ($8) to my own, since they're that pretty... 

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Whether your friend considers herself a full-fledged mom to her four-legged baby, or your mom is as obsessed with her pets as we are in the office, consider buying her a chic, muted pink dog walking kit ($105), pet portrait tool ($10), a matching splatter paint dog and treat bowl ($22), or print of dog breeds ($15). Don't forget a card!

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.