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8 Things

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Things I'm Passionate About

-Shark week -Black and white photography -Flea markets -Sunday brunch -Swing sets -Fireworks -Scary movies -Outdoor concerts

Things I Say Often

-i'm at the mall -kai have a bite? -love you like crazy -ew -mmmmkay -I hate doing laundry! -do you have these in a 7.5? -it's freezing in here

Books I've Read Recently

-Naked, David Sedaris -The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini -Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Judi Barrett

Songs I Can Listen to Over and Over

-Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison -Desire, Ryan Adams -Learn to Breathe, Missy Higgins -Waterfall, Griffin House -Fans, Kings of Leon -Two Left Feet, Joe Purdy -Best of Intentions, Travis Tritt -Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley

Things that attract me to my best friends

- They make me laugh after I've been crying - They're all gorgeous, but don't act like it - They tolerate my excessive amount of energy early in the morning - They don't judge me (at least too harshly) about my love of country music - They give good hugs - They all have proper grammar - They're creative with the nicknames they've given me - That the only way to stop laughing at times when it's not appropriate is to collectively think of ricecakes

Things I want to do before I die

- Learn how to swing dance - Speak fluent Spanish (I'm about halfway there) - Travel abroad and feel comfortable not having a home-base - Go into shark-infested waters in a cage - Be able to tell the difference between cheap and expensive red wine - Become involved in a non-profit organization for which I'm passionate - Raise a happy, functioning family - Make sure all of my loved ones know just how much I love them I'd like to tag

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.