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5 Ways to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

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One of the dichotomies of disaster hitting close to home, but just out of reach, is that it's easy to feel equal parts empathetic, affected, and completely helpless. But the fact is, every little bit helps. Even if you aren't in Texas or Louisiana, and close enough to lend a hand, there are still plenty of ways to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey—which is especially important considering the rain is expected to continue another few days. Last night, I posted a link on my Insta-Story after donating to a charity that's supporting animal shelters in the storm's path, and there are plenty of other charities and services doing fantastic work providing food, batteries, and shelter to victims. Here's a list of five ways to help the hurricane victims:

1. Donate the Essentials

American Red Cross Amazon Wish List: Use your Prime account for good—the ARC has set up a wish list of things they need, from $6 USB cords so people in shelters can charge their phones to a $65 play pen for toddlers in shelters. 

Food Bank of HoustonGalvestonCorpus ChristiRockportSan Antonio: Every $1 donated to the Houston Food Bank gives three meals to displaced Texans.

2. Help Out Families

Save the Children Harvey Relief Fund: "A gift of $100 can provide a secure crib for a little one living in a shelter, help supply a safe space in shelters for 20 displaced children or many other items that are needed to care for the littlest survivors." (Geoffrey's pick!)

Airbnb: If you have a home outside of the hurricane path, but still in Texas, you can list a room for evacuees on Airbnb.

Texas Diaper Bank: Diapers aren't covered in many emergency shelters, so the Texas Diaper Bank is providing diapers and essentials for infants and children in need.

3. Save and Help Lost Animals

SPCA of Texas: The SPCA has been deploying volunteers to help care for the pets of evacuees in shelters and taking in pets from shelters. You can also help via their Amazon wish list.

ADL Texas: Donate to support shelters in the path of the storm, and "to help cover the costs of rescuing displaced pets." (My pick!)

4. Make a Big Difference, Quickly

Text “red cross” to 90999 to donate $10.00 to Harvey relief efforts (Leslie's pick!)

5. If You're in the Area...

Donate blood: The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center currently is in need of blood donations. You can schedule a time here.

Donate time: Volunteer with the American Red Cross by filling out this form. 

Are there any other charities you recommend? Share them in the comments below. And a heads' up—there are a lot of fake charities popping up now to support victims. Make sure they're legitimate by looking them up here first.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.