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5 Action-Oriented Courses You Can Take to Further Your Anti-Racism Education

All created by women we admire...

When we committed to being actively anti-racist, we signed up for a lifelong education that doesn’t end with the last page of a book. Dismantling whiteness and understanding privilege take time and effort – real, usually uncomfortable, hard work. While signing petitions and sharing articles is helpful, we’ve realized that there are more impactful ways to invest in both our education and Black educators, like online courses. These workshops and webinars will continue to hold us accountable, keep the anti-racism momentum going, and encourage us to become informed accomplices. Below are five (female-led!) action-oriented courses that our team members are either actively participating in or planning to take, and we hope that you’ll join us:

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LoveKindCure Festival is a virtual freedom festival founded by writers Magogodi Makhene and Cleyvis Natera. The festival, which kicks off this Sunday (7/12) with a virtual brunch featuring Krista Tippett and Tiffany Powell, includes a week of conversations, cook-alongs, and workshops aimed at dismantling racism and uplifting women of color through art, education, and creativity. Tickets are normally $98, but from the moment our team met Magodi and Cleyvis via Zoom, we knew we wanted to contribute to their festival—and make it accessible to you all, so we're covering the price of your admission. Sign up with the promo code CUPCAKES to get your ticket for free here!

When: Begins this Sunday, July 12 - Sunday, July 19
Time commitment: Roughly 7 hours, across several courses
Cost: Normally $98, but we're covering your cost when you use the promo code CUPCAKES

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Jess is enrolled in and highly recommends taking Louiza “Weeze” Doran's four-part workshop that began in June and wraps up with Part Four tomorrow (the first three webinars are available to watch on Podia). The course breaks down the sociopolitical, economic, ideological, and infrastructural system of whiteness, which includes the history and construction of race, and the “four I’s of oppression.” Weeze teaches passionately, matter-of-factly, and thoroughly, constantly dropping facts that will have you rethinking everything from our beauty standards to our everyday language and their damaging implications (ever think about the term “master bedroom” and its blatantly racist overtones? We hadn’t either until she pointed it out!). If you register, buckle up, because she won’t coddle you – but she will provide you with a foundation to your anti-racism education that’s worth the investment.

When: Anytime (the live videos are available to purchase online as a course)
Time commitment: Four 75-minute workshops
Cost: $197

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Rache Cargle's course, The Great Unlearn is an online education platform hosted on Patreon centered on educating and inciting "meaningful action." Access to it includes a monthly syllabus that rotates through a different topic, like "Unlearning America's Birth Story" and "The History of Race." Many courses are taught through her framework of Knowledge + Empathy = Action (like this Fourth of July syllabus, which Leslie highly recommends even though we're a few days past the holiday!), with readings, and live lectures. Her free 30-day #DoTheWork course is also available here, which Kelly and Leslie are both in the middle of now!

When: Anytime
Time commitment: Self-paced
Cost: $5 to $100 per month (depending on what you're able to spend)

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Layla F. Saad, host of Good Ancestor Podcast and author of Me and White Supremacy, offers 90-minute "masterclasses" online at Good Ancestor Academy. The three available classes cover "Dismantling White Feminism," "Parenting and White Supremacy," and "Allyship in the Workplace."

When: Anytime
Time commitment: 90 minutes per class
Cost: $97 per class

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Austin Channing Brown's ACB Academy builds on her book, I'm Still Here, with a six-week course that includes videos, resources, and a discussion guide for facilitating a group discussion (hint: the course is best done with friends!). 

When: Anytime
Time commitment: Six weeks (about an hour per week, but buildable)
Cost: $37 for the course

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.