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30 Things to Do by the End of Summer

A make-the-most-of-sunny-skies bucket list.
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Even more so than most years, this summer has flown by. Between my week in Paris, a visit home to Mill Valley, and weekend trips and treks to the beach, the season passed at warp speed. While I've made steady headway on my personal summer to-do list (#8 is in full effect, by the way - and I'm so excited), the team started talking about all the things left to cross off before Labor Day. Before we knew it, we had a list of 30 activities that epitomize what this special time is all about. I'm planning on tackling this bucket list with resolve, and I'd love to hear how many you cross off over the next few weeks. Have fun! 

1. Buy fresh strawberries from a side-of-the-road fruit stand.
2. Make a seasonal fruit-based cocktail.
3. Jump in the ocean.
4. Grill burgers.
5. Take a boat out onto a lake.
6. Eat a boiled lobster with your hands.
7. Visit a state fair.
8. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck.
9. Make lemonade from scratch (and spike it if you’re inclined).
10. Take an outdoor nap under a shady tree on a blanket.
11. Go to a baseball game. 
12. Go blueberry or peach picking. 
13. Bake a berry pie with the fruits of your labor (literally). 
14. Watch an entire sunset.
15. See an outdoor concert.
16. Go for an extended bike ride (bonus if it’s along a beachside bike path).
17. Dive into one of these summer reads.
18. Play hooky mid-week to enjoy a beautiful day outside.
19. Drink a glass of rosé at an outdoor wine bar.
20. See an outdoor movie.
21. Go to or host a clam bake.
22. Eat a meal completely made from seasonal vegetables.
23. Play corn hole.
24. Go wine tasting.
25. Go on a group hike with friends.
26. Pack a picnic for a park you’ve never been to.
27. Go to a pool party.
28. Spend an hour stargazing.
29. Attend any free event in your city.
30. Have friends over for Sunday lunch with summer salad and Arnold Palmers.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.