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4 Things to Keep in Mind on Election Day

How to vote, volunteer, and decompress.
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We went back and forth on the content you'd be craving from us this week. Would you want something inspirational to distract you from the election? That didn't feel quite right. Maybe a long list on why this election in particular is so important? Honestly, you already know. Instead, we thought about what we would want this week and tomorrow: As a team, we're mentally preparing ourselves to follow the election closely and even volunteer, while taking intentional moments to decompress. 

Our team has been given the day off tomorrow—to allow everyone the time to vote in person, to volunteer, and to simply follow the coverage without the distraction of work—and will be back with new content Thursday. Until then, here are some resources and articles to keep you informed and engaged, whether you're voting in person or submitted your ballot weeks ago: 


Did you know that in many states, you can track your vote-by-mail ballot to ensure it's counted? (For as safe as voting by mail is, issues do arise.) In California, you can track your ballot via the site BallotTrax and even set up notifications for when it's received and counted! Here's a helpful resource for tracking your absentee ballot by state.


You've likely already done plenty of research, but with so much misinformation, targeted advertising, and confusing wording on the ballot itself, be sure to know who and what you're voting for before you drop off your ballot or vote in person. Even if you're voting for Biden (we are!), it's important to know why you're voting for Biden, or any other representatives or measures. This, this, and this (for fact checking) are all good places to start!


Tomorrow is a unique opportunity to give back and support our democracy for those who are able and have the time. If you're not already volunteering as a poll worker (thank you to those who are!), you can volunteer from home to work a voter protection hotline to help fight voter suppression, drive voters to polls, and continue to work with organizations committed to getting out the vote for the final sprint! 

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As soon as results begin pouring in tomorrow, it's going to be difficult for any of us to tear our eyes away from the polls and vote tallies (lookin' at you, Florida)—but it's not healthy or productive to sit in front of a screen, sweating, as we cross our fingers and hope for the best. Schedule time away from the noise throughout the day: Take two hours to watch a movie, go for a hike, exercise (and leave your phone's NYT alerts in the other room), do a DIY project or puzzle, cook a time-intensive dinner. It'll do wonders for your mental health—and the news will still be there when you get back!

We'll be rounding up and sharing a few impactful social media posts we've seen, and sharing on social, but until then: Happy voting! See you back here Thursday. x 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.