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3 Simple Ways to Help Fight the California Kincade and Getty Fires

Where to donate and how to volunteer.
getty fire

Anytime there's a fire in California—which is far too frequently these days—it hits close to home. It's just as painful to read stories about the enormous fires in Northern California as it is to watch the hills on the westside burn in the Getty Fire. The smoky air has floated as far east as our West Hollywood office, and many of our friends and family were evacuated in the middle of the night Monday morning. We rounded up a few ways to support the brave men and women fighting the fire, and the families and animals displaced by it: 


As of this morning, the Getty Fire was only 5% contained, and even though fire departments are supported through taxes, budgets can only stretch so far in battling such a stubborn fire. Support their efforts through a private donation here. You can donate specific equipment here, and "adopt" a particular local fire station, by providing basic needs from coffee makers to refrigerators here


If you can't open your home to an evacuee, either by posting on social media or through Airbnb, consider volunteering. In Northern California, you can volunteer with the World Central Kitchen, to serve meals to evacuees at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds (you can also donate here), or find more volunteer opportunities through the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County. You can also donate to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund, dedicated to long-term recovery efforts. Sonoma Magazine also has some helpful resources here for donations and volunteer opportunities.

In Southern California, you can support animals displaced by fires here, donate to the LA Food Bank here, and donate to the Southern California Disaster Relief Fund here


The California Fire Foundations' SAVE program is dedicated to providing short-term, immediate aid to victims of fire, by providing firefighters with pre-loaded cash cards to buy basic necessities for those in need. The American Red Cross also provides support to those in need, through the operation of evacuation shelters across Sonoma and nearby counties. You can also become a Red Cross volunteer here

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.