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9 Of The Items I Recently Bought Sloan (From Hair Glitter to the Best Kid Pajamas)

She loves these products as much as I do.
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Anytime I show Sloan on my Stories, I get flooded with questions from other moms about where everything is from. From her pajamas, to the purple hair extension clips she rarely takes off, and the vitamin gummies we give her, I thought it would be helpful to occasionally share the sources here on the blog. So here are the Sloan-related pieces I recently received the most questions about:

1. Colorful clip-in hair extensions ($9): I was first introduced to these little colorful clip extensions at another child's birthday party, and let me tell you: They're very popular. And the funny thing is, when strategically placed, I swear you can't tell that they're not Sloan's actual hair (which she, of course, gets a kick out of). The set of 16 comes with a wide arrange of colors, from hot pink to bright turquoise, and you can then trim the hair to match your child's own.

2. Little Sleepies pajamas ($30): Full disclosure: Sloan was sent these pajamas for free, so they're not technically a purchase, but I love them so much (and always get so many inquiries about them) that I had to include them here as well. We've gone through a lot of pjs, but few are as perfectly soft and thin as these. They only get better with age and the patterns are adorable. Sloan has the pink breakfast set as well as the Dalmatians, and loves them both equally.

3. Cienta mary janes ($36): These shoes are great for little feet. Not only are they adorable, but they come in a variety of colors, have excellent arch support, and are easy for them to put on by themselves. As a side note, they also have an almost strawberry-scented scent, which reminds me of my childhood. Sloan has them in sparkly silver and wears them so much that I've been considering the navy or red too.

4. Hair glitter ($20): Sloan is a fan of anything sparkly, so it's no surprise that she loves Dry Bar's sparkle spray in collaboration with Too Faced. I try to save it for special occasions, just so she's not glittery every single day, and it's such a fun little pick-me-up.

5. Old Navy dress ($22). I get the majority of Sloan's clothing from Old Navy as it's affordable, cute, and I never have to worry about the days when she comes back from school covered in paint. This dress, in particular, is one of my favorite recent buys. The little eyelet overlay is both feminine and sophisticated (a lot of little girls' clothes veers a bit too twee for me), and holds up well even after dozens of trips in the washer and dryer.

6. Supergirl cape and mask ($9): Most of the time when Sloan doesn't have school, she opts to wear her Queen Elsa costume. But recently, after she started expressing an interest in super heroes and my makeshift cape (a.k.a. a blanket haphazardly knotted around her neck) wasn't exactly safe, I decided to find her a better option. I found this Supergirl set online for under $10, which also comes with a mask, and there are nine other options depending on your child's hero of choice.

7. Little Moon Society romper ($52): Recently, while walking around Studio City, we stumbled upon Little Moon Society, an adorable shop and clothing line run by my friend, Haylie (her daughter, Ryan, and Sloan used to be in the same music class when they were babies). The entire collection of easy-to-wear basics are slouchy and cute and I picked up a little drop-crotch romper for Sloan that is the epitome of how I'd like to dress.

8. Smarty Pants gummies ($19): Like a lot of kids her age, Sloan has a relatively limited diet so we make sure to give her gummies every day to supplement some of the nutrients she doesn't get on her own. After a lot of research, we decided on Smarty Pants gummies, which contain no synthetic colors, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. They're packed with omega-3s, prebiotic fiber, and vitamins D and B12, and Sloan loves the taste, which means she happily eats them with her breakfast every morning.

9. Zara cherry sweatshirt ($25): Reversible sequins are a big trend in kids' clothing, but most of the time they're done in a way that's completely over the top and cheesy. When I saw this cherry sweatshirt though, it struck the perfect balance, and it makes the process of convincing Sloan to add an additional layer so much easier.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.