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Your Actually Doable 'Diet' Tips That Won’t Make You Hate January

18 tried-and-true tips for a healthier 2019.
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Yesterday, I asked for your top tips for maintaining healthy habits in January on Instagram. You answered in droves, with such fantastic pieces of advice I collected a few of my favorite responses below: 

Eat colorfully and crunchy and the refrigerator instead of the pantry 🌈 - @pdxarrington

Im not cutting anything out. I will walk more and do more at home workouts and light weights. For me, it's not about my weight anymore. It's about my health and how I feel. If a donut is going to cure a craving I will eat it. I guess I'm just going to be more mindful about what my body/mind wants and needs! ❤️❤️- @elysezers

It’s easier to add than subtract. Add more greens and veggies, add more exercise, more sleep, more water. Focus less on what needs to be eliminated. You get the idea.- @emmbandy

Follow an 80/20 approach (80% healthy choices, 20% everything else). Extreme anything does not bode well for one’s physical or mental health. - @lacymaecaroline

Totally agree that January always feels like a bit of a let down after the holidays! So, I try to focus on making time for things I love - art, reflecting, exercise, reading, hiking - and am forgoing alcohol & dessert to break the mindless munching that creeps in with so many holiday treats around. 🙃 Looking forward to evening walks with friends instead of happy hours! - @mollyskye66

Don’t diet... you’ll yo yo! Live in moderation and call it something other than diet:) - @jackieshapin

I like living a Mediterranean inspired diet and lifestyle... It's more about adding things to your diet instead of taking away. Plus it focuses on enjoying food in social settings and celebrating the beauty that is fresh food. And anything that says red wine is encouraged is a win with me - @the_domestic_dietitian

I’m trying to focus on intuitive eating and de-emphasizing weight and scale related measurements. It makes me happier and healthier mentally and physically- @mtevarest

Trying to pull back on drinking during the week, staying hydrated, drinking mint tea instead of coffee in the afternoons, and adding yoga to my regular workouts for some forced quiet time and inward thinking. While I don’t diet, I definitely try to be mindful and when I reach for a sweet during the day for no reason, check in emotionally and see what might be driving that.- @ecoopermullin3

Healthier versions of treats I like. And making most things from scratch (if possible) to control what goes in it.- @honestly_mich

The word “cleanse” doesn’t belong in a diet vernacular. You have to eat and SHOULD! :-) small changes make large, long term differences. A little less night time snacking. Whole foods with minimal added sugar. Don’t put pressure! If you want a treat every few days, have a modified version (yogurt with peanut butter and not ice cream). It should be a lifestyle after all 🙏🏻💛- @iliketomoveit.moveit

Crowd out the bad with good. Have the cookie, but only after you hit your daily serving of Veg and are still hungry. Have the wine. But one glass of water before and after. Make the challenges work out focused - if you walk all 5 days a week you can go to your fav bakery spot on Saturday ❤️🎉🎆- @darlingalli

I’m setting a realistic exercise routine for myself. Three days a week - 1 yoga, 1 spin, 1 HIIT. And I’ll go for walks a few nights a week. Taking lots of healthy snacks to work because I know the time I actually get tempted to eat something that isn’t the best for me is at night. So I eat really healthy during the day including for dinner (most of the time - tacos for lunch are quite regular) and then allow myself the odd bowl of chips or sweet and don’t feel bad about it. This way your body and your mind feel great and you can feel happy knowing you are giving yourself what you want while also fueling your body with healthy foods and a good exercise routine.- @sarajmull

Think of your future self! It helps me when I'm running. I never want to start, but if I think of waking up tomorrow without having run today, I know I'll be disappointed in myself. Best of luck, stay strong, you got this!!- @stxgutfree

Intermittent fasting works REALLY well for my sensitive digestive system and managing my bloat (doesn’t matter how clean or what I eat, when I eat, I bloat). I eat two good-sized meals a day with a focus on fiber and protein between the hours of 12-7 PM. That’s it. I wake up with a happy belly and so much more energy than I used to when I was eating two meals and then snacking past 9 PM. Never been a big sugar craver so I can’t help you there, but I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like 😬 - @theoddestthingssheeversaw 

I like to pick one thing a day to swap for a healthier option so I’m not restricting myself the whole day and making it seem bleak lol - @_kapes

Instead of going for drinks, I ask my friends to go for coffee or better yet a workout class. I’m also trying a bunch of fun healthy recipes to get excited by nutrition!- @rhiannonhlangford

Doing it gradually is the only thing that works for me. I couldn’t ever keep New Years resolutions until I began to ease into them in December. Then when January comes, you’re already pretty used to the change and it’s a lot easier to maintain or even take it up a notch. Maybe you could adapt that idea and use January as a transition month? - @ethicsandthreads

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.