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Would You Consider Yourself Impressionable?

And the mantra I've created around my personal style.
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I like to think of myself as someone who has my style and taste figured out. I know who I am and what's important to me. Take jewelry, for example. There's never a day when I look down and feel like I'm not into my rings, that I need to change up one of my bracelets, or that I should swap out an earring (it's part of why I'm so passionate about our jewelry collection on the Shop). I catch glimpses of it and feel one hundred percent satisfied with my collection. The same applies to my hairstyle, makeup, and home decor. There are certain domains I'm unwavering on. I'll hear an opinion, but still stick with what I know works best for me.

When it comes to being a mom, for example, I knew very little about kids before having one. I had held an infant once before Sloan, yet G and I had the utmost confidence that we would know what was best for our family, and I've never once questioned that. That isn't to say I don't welcome tips and advice from other parents, on everything from tantrums to mealtime, but I ultimately always trust my instincts when it comes to her.

That being said, a friend recently pointed out to me (in the kindest way possible) that I am incredibly impressionable when it comes to certain things, which didn't come as much of a surprise. I'm from a family of impressionable people. My mom, who's a dental hygienist, will tell me stories about things her patients have worn, places they've visited, and things they've done. It often inspires her to change course and adopt their favorite trips and products as her own—and it's one of the things I find most endearing about her. She'll be researching vacations in Morocco and new sneaker brands, all because they came so highly recommended. Similarly, if someone I trust tells me to try a new skincare brand, read a certain book, or check out a specific store, I'm there.

And though I'm much less impressionable when it comes to fashion as I was in my 20s (one of the many benefits of entering my mid-thirties is a stronger sense of self), I'm still a sponge for style inspiration. One week, I'll see an impeccably dressed woman wearing all-white and and immediately do the same; and the next I'll see something on my feed that compels me to wear a midi dress and Western booties. It's a large part of why I still feel encouraged and eager to create content after 11 years. I'm a big believer that there should be room within personal style to experiment and have fun, to be inspired by new things, and to have the bravery to test exciting trends.

For me, it's ultimately a sliding scale: It's important to be open and consider the opinions of others, try different things, and meet new people, but at the same time have a strong sense of self and know what makes you feel your best. Feel inspired, but never less-than. 

I'd love to hear what you think. Do you consider yourself impressionable? Is it possible to be too impressionable? Let me know in the comments below!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.