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Why You Should Seriously Consider Making Slumber Parties "a Thing" as an Adult

And my top 3 tips for having one.
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At a recent "slumber party" with G, at our friend Raina's house

At a recent "slumber party" with G, at our friend Raina's house

Do you remember the thrill of spending the night at a friend's house, only to realize you got to wake up in the morning and continue the party with sugary cereals? Just me? As an adult, it seems like the only time a sleepover with girlfriends happens is for a girls' trip or bachelorette party, but an experience last year, and again last month, reminded me that we should have them far more often, even with friends who live in the same city.

Last summer, when it was 108° F and our A/C broke, our friend insisted we come over. At first I was hesitant, but she reminded me it was a Friday and that our daughters, who are the same age, would love nothing more. In the end, we stayed not one, but two nights because we were having too much fun to leave: We drank aperol spritzes on their veranda, the girls watched movies in their pajamas, and we all felt like we were on vacation in the middle of Los Angeles. It really made me question: Why are sleepovers something you stop doing once you become an adult? 

Our time spent as a family was so special that we didn't even need our A/C to break to be inspired to recreate it a few weekends ago. Our friends and I knew we were going to watch the World Cup game together on a Sunday morning, so we just figured, Why not turn it into a two day get-together? They have an extra room, Sloan has a friend to play with, and it's such a nostalgic thing to recreate that we couldn't not. Like the first weekend, it was perfect - with great friends, incredible food, and flowing drinks. If you're looking for a break in your routine, or something to do as a family, consider packing a bag and joining a friend! Here are my top 3 tips for recreating a sleepover, regardless of how old you are:

1. Have a loose evening activity planned: Even the best sleepover plans benefit from a bit of structure. We like to work a few things out beforehand to make sure the night goes smoothly: Plan in advance for who's responsible for picking up pizza, what hostess gift you'll bring, a family activity, and an adults-only activity. Most recently, we all hung out by the pool all day, and then, after putting the girls to bed, made signature cocktails and watched a movie.

2. Take advantage of the fact you're staying there: It's not often that you get to enjoy wine in L.A. without the hassle of Ubering. When you're staying at a friends, you can enjoy your night, without the concern over how you're getting home and knowing there will be pancakes or bagels to soak it all up in the morning.

3. Create a lazy morning plan: Similar to sugary cereal and cartoons, adult slumber parties benefit from a morning plan you can look forward to all night. Consider whipping up a batch of something special, like Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, or all walking together to a local coffee shop for breakfast. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.