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What 'Sundae Sunday' Taught Me About Finding Joy in Quarantine

Excitement can't be overestimated.
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Last Friday, I was thrilled to learn that jets would be flying over Los Angeles in honor of frontline workers. I was almost bursting with excitement when I told Sloan. Despite the fact that she has no interest in airplanes, nor had ever heard of an airshow, we were both thrilled to have something to look forward to for the first time in months. We sat outside on our front steps for most of the early afternoon, and were both crushed when they didn't zoom over our house. At the moment we decided to finally turn in, I could see how disappointed she was and said, "Right, but we have something planned for Sunday!" On the spot, I came up with "Sundae Sunday."

As soon as I asked her if she'd heard of "Sundae Sunday," her eyes went wide. I explained to her that it was a new weekly tradition where we have pizza, watch a new movie, and, of course, have ice cream sundaes. 

I’m someone who loves to have something to look forward to and Sloan is very much the same. But right now, that mindset can feel archaic. I've realized the importance of being in the moment and finding gratitude in our health right now, rather than looking toward the future. It's made me more grounded, which is an enormous blessing. But at the same time, we're all deserving of glimpses of hope and excitement, even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. And if that glimpse is a slightly new spin on dinner and a movie at home, even better! 

In anticipation of the day, I made homemade pizza dough using Nancy Silverton's recipe, which only made the event feel more special. That being said, it's quite a labor-intensive process so A.) We may not do that every time, but B.) When we skip homemade, we'll support our local pizza parlor, either by buying dough or a whole pizza! 

As for the movie, Sloan watches the same one approximately 30 times before she gets tired of it, and these days she gets to watch one every workday, because #covid. During that time, G and I rarely sit with her because it's such a valuable time for us to do the essentials like brush our teeth, do the dishes, or one of a million other things that desperately needs to be taken care of. Getting to cuddle up and watch a new movie as a family is really a treat for all of us. On Sunday, we gave ourselves permission to kick our feet up and watch a kid-friendly movie (last week, it was Babe!). 

If there's anything I've learned from the joy I already feel right now in anticipation of the next Sundae Sunday, it's that plans don't have to be dramatic, expensive, or complicated to feel excited about them. A simple break from the norm can be all you need. Leslie and Jonah have started ordering pizza and watching a movie every Saturday, Jess does Takeout Thursday each week, and I have friends who pick up brunch every Sunday to have at home. And when I posted about our sundaes last week, I heard from so many of you about the fresh routines you've implemented too. 

So whether it's something you can do every Friday afternoon or in the middle of the week, I encourage you to find a small break from your routine to look forward to. And if you already have one, please share yours in the comments! x 


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.