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What a Day in the Life Really Looks Like For Me

All the joyful, unglamorous, and hectic moments that make up a day!

I share a lot of my life on this blog, but the vast majority are stories that are "tied up with a bow," if you will. They have either a point or a solution—so I rarely have the opportunity to share the nitty-gritty, less glamorous parts of my day that have nothing to do with me figuring out how to get more energy during the day or finding an affordable wedding dress

When Emily asked on her Instagram Stories earlier this year what you want to see on the blog and social this year, many of you asked for more "day in the life" content from not just her but our entire team. Well, we listened! Last Thursday, I spent the entire day photographing and recording what a regular workday looks like for me. No two days are ever the same—some days I'm on my computer 9 to 5, other days I'm out filming content till sundown—and last Thursday, I was hardly in the same spot for more than two hours. Here's what a day in the life (Thursday, February 13th, to be specific!) looked like for me: 


6:05 AM Every morning, I set my alarm for 6:05 AM because maintaining a consistent wake-up schedule has been key to treating my insomnia. This morning, I woke up closer to 5:30 AM, from a mix of excitement and anxiety about my workday. I knew the "noon post" (what we call the second post of the day) wasn't ready yet and that we had a February Fitness event at 8:30, so the combination kept me from getting a full 8 hours, but not by much luckily!

6:15 AM Usually, I read or write for two hours in the morning before making breakfast, getting ready, and walking to work, but this morning I made breakfast right away so I could get to work early. I nearly finished The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai while eating my daily three eggs plus spinach (and an avocado, because it was perfectly ripe!). 

7:15 AM Drive to the office while listening to 'The Daily,' as I do every morning since it's my primary news source. I don't really have time to read any other news during the day, though I wish I did! 

As soon as I arrived at the office around 7:30 AM, I checked my inbox and comments briefly then got to work compiling our noon post on family recipes. Though most posts are completed a few days in advance, "team posts" often come together at last-minute, once I've received everyone's portions. 

My "Outfit of the Morning" with Lululemon Leggings, ALC Sneakers

My "Outfit of the Morning" with Lululemon Leggings, ALC Sneakers

8:00 AM Rumble is about a mile from our office, so I opted to carry 60 planners there rather than drive (I'm trying to get better about walking over driving!), but the joke's on me. The hills from West Hollywood up to Sunset Strip, where Rumble is located, are steep. I arrived there literally panting. 


8:15 AM Our class started at 8:30 AM so, after setting up planners (which we gave away to readers who attended!), I spent the time meeting and speaking to so many of you, a sample of which included a lawyer, an English graduate student, and teachers. It sounds cheesy, but it literally makes my heart soar whenever I get to meet you all in person! It's weird to pour my soul into a blog post, and have no idea who's on the other side and I'm consistently floored by the kind, inspiring women who make up this community! Ok, cheesy rant over. 😭💕


10:15 AM After chatting with readers, I showered at Rumble, then headed back down to the office! This time I hitched a ride with our Customer Service and Fulfillment Rep, Shobi! As soon as I got back, time felt like it moved faster. After completing the noon post, creating content for next week, and addressing some emails, it was already time to meet my friend for lunch! (I also ate a bruised banana at my desk too, but does anyone need a photo of that?)

Still repping those Color Camp nails (as well as an Everlane Tank, Levi's, and Cuyana Makeup bag)

Still repping those Color Camp nails (as well as an Everlane Tank, Levi's, and Cuyana Makeup bag)

12:00 PM I very rarely eat lunch out, unless it's a sanctioned team outing since I prefer to bring my own, but I met my friend Hanna for a much-needed catchup over sushi since she happened to be working nearby today. Such a lovely and worthwhile splurge! 


1:00 PM I had plans to go to the press preview Frieze Art Fest for an hour in the afternoon with Jonah's mom, who is an art writer, until realizing my press invite only covered evening hours. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise to have time to tackle some computer work and my inbox! 


1:42 PM Quick editorial brainstorm with Emily, Katie, and Jess. After the meeting, I worked on this post (hello!) as well as some larger editorial projects we're taking on in 2020 that I'm very excited about! All will be revealed soon...

5:10 PM Sloan made a surprise visit in the office and immediately noticed our matching Galentine's Day nails. Obviously we had to pose for a photo. 


5:20 PM Because Jonah and I share one car, there are a lot of after-work pass-offs. He came to my office to pick it up before heading to dinner with some friends!


5:30 PM While it wasn't my intention to do two workouts in one day, I completely blanked on our Rumble event when making plans with my friend Alice earlier in the week to do a workout at Basecamp followed by dinner! Needless to say, I took it veeerrry easy in class number two of the day (but still managed to sweat through my shirt...). 


6:45 PM The new Tacos Tu Madre in West Hollywood (behind employees only, where we had our company holiday party!) is not only beautiful but also BYOB until they get their liquor license. I hitched a ride with Alice to meet our friend Maddie for Pacifico (purchased from the 7/11 across the street) and burritos. I order their shrimp burrito every time I go because I love it SO much. They also graciously pretended Alice and I, who made the unanimous decision not to shower post-Basecamp, didn't smell. 🙏 

8:50 PM Got a ride home from my friend Alice!


9:34 PM I'm fairly strict about my sleep schedule with insomnia, so I begin what I call "cool down time" as close to 9 as possible (this night I was a little late!), which basically consists of reading in low light in our living room or second room. As soon as I got home from dinner, I showered, grabbed my book, The Great Believers, and finally finished it!

10:30 PM Headed to bed to catch 7 hours before the next chaotic, packed, fast-moving day!

P.S, I've shared videos of my day on @shopcupcakesandcashmere in the highlight here! x

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.