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The New Way I'm Structuring My 2019 Resolutions

My goals as a wife, mother, business owner, and friend.
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One of the things I love most about my life is how many hats I wear on any given day. I wake up as a wife, quickly transition to mother, and am cruising into the office as a CEO within a couple of hours. But it also makes me feel spread too thin a lot of the time, rarely feeling like I'm doing everything well. In an effort to compartmentalize more in the new year, I'm approaching my resolutions in 2019 with just one simple, straightforward intention for each area:


I've always been my biggest critic and looking back to previous years' resolutions, there's a pretty obvious theme: be kinder to myself. And while it's still a big focus, I've reframed it in relation to how critical I am of myself. I even learned a trick for that while in Jackson Hole. Melissa Arnot, the mountaineer who's summited Everest six times corrected me when I said I was bad at cross-country skiing. "That's not true," she said. "You're just inexperienced. You can't be bad at something you haven't done before." It was such a lovely way of thinking about one situation from a different perspective and I've been applying it to all of the areas in which I can be overly critical of myself. 

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I have a lot of different outlets I can reach out to anytime I've had a bad day. It's the easiest way to move past whatever's bothering me and only recently did I realize that G doesn't have the same set-up. He explained that guys don't typically call each other to chat about things that are upsetting them (particularly when it's as mundane as a mediocre day), but that those little things can then build up. Instead of me waiting for G to come to me, I plan on proactively reaching out and seeing how I can help. 

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It's unrealistic to assume that every moment with Sloan will be calm and glorious, but for those moments when we're not racing to get out of the house in the morning, I need to slow down. Kids move at their own pace and trying to get her to speed up in order to accommodate me is both unfair and impractical. Since Sloan is so advanced, I sometimes assume she should understand things faster or grasp concepts that are far beyond her reach. For those reasons, 2019 is all about patience. I want to create an environment that's encouraging and relaxed so it's the most positive space for her to learn and grow. 

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I have a tendency to procrastinate and nowhere is that more obvious than at work. Whether it's a project I wait to complete until the last minute or delay a necessary meeting, I plan on handling things as soon as possible. Not only does it create unnecessary stress when emails pile up or I haven't RSVP'd to an event, but it requires that much more energy to remember all of the things I've been putting off.

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Spontaneity isn't exactly something that comes naturally to me, but when it comes to friendships, it's one of the things I value most, so I intend on pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Whether that means agreeing to dinner on the west side at rush hour (that's what podcasts are for!) or planning last-minute trips, they're always worth the extra effort.

P.S., Here are my resolutions from 2018 and 2017.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.