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The 7 Things I Bought and Loved Recently

Including the most amazing $18 sunglasses.
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There's something about this time of year, at the start of summer, when I'm most excited to shop. The shift in seasons, upcoming vacations, a more casual (and lighter) approach to dressing, plus compelling sales, all make for a good time for a little refresh. Here are some of the items I bought and have been loving recently. 

Emily Favorites

1. Urban Outfitters Lourdes Sunglasses: I've had good luck with Urban Outfitters' sunglasses in the past as they're a great way to embrace a trend without too much of a financial commitment at $18. Little did I know, however, that I'd stumble on what I dare say is my favorite pair of sunglasses I've ever owned. They're sort of an oversized wayfarer-meets-cat-eye with dark black lenses, which are randomly harder to find than you'd think and make whatever I'm wearing instantly chicer. Unfortunately after I posted them to my stories they sold out immediately, but you can still find the brown or orange online and a random lone pair still in store (I'd know since I bought a second pair as a back-up).

2. AMO Jeans, Loverboy (in Loved): Ever since we came out of lockdown I've been at a bit of a loss as to a specific style of denim about which I'm most excited as nothing seemed to be exactly it. I've had good luck with AMO t-shirts and jeans in the past, so when they asked if I wanted to pick out a new pair, I chose the ones I'd been admiring online. In a gorgeously worn-out shade, with a slight crop, minimal distressing, and a high-waist, they arrived and are even better than I'd envisioned and I've basically stopped wearing all of my other pairs of jeans. They're definitely a huge investment, but if you've been looking to splurge on a pair of jeans that will make you look your best, these are worth trying. Fit notes: TTS, 27.

3. Coverlab Flowers Personalized Phone Case: I'd been meaning to swap out my plain, silicone phone case (that got tangled in my hair every time I got off a call) for a while and knew I wanted something that felt a little more vibrant and fun. I'd fallen in love with a brand that does monogrammed leather cases, but at over $230, it felt ridiculous. The next day I was served an ad on Instagram for Coverlab, which offers remarkably similar options for a fraction of the price ($32 on sale). I went with this option, that's not exactly subtle, but I have to say that it makes me happy every single time I reach for it. One thing to note: though the shipping said it would be considerably quick, from the day I placed my order to when it arrived was about a month.

4. STAUD Shoko Two Tone Split Cardigan Dress: If you knew how many DMs I got from people suggesting I should own this Staud dress in my favorite color combination, you'd be floored (but honestly thank you, since you were all right)! It hugs in all the right places, makes a statement with minimal effort and was the ideal thing to wear with a low bun and hoops out for my birthday dinner. Fit notes: TTS, S.

5. GANNI Square-Neck Seersucker Dress: Ganni makes some of my favorite pieces - they're cool, understated, with funky silhouettes and the cutest prints. This dress is no exception and after seeing it on a friend, decided I needed it for myself. Bonus: it's on major sale, doesn't require a bra, and looks just as good in a loafer when it's chilly as it does a strappy sandal in warmer months. Fit notes: Runs big, 32.

6. Madewell Harlow Wide-Leg Pants: My love for high-waisted trousers has been well documented, but I typically find that in order for them to fit properly, they require a bit of an investment. I was proven wrong however, when I spotted these pants in the window of a store, and immediately added more money to my parking meter so I could run inside to try them on. As it turns out, they're beautifully made, drape nicely, and are made of a super-soft fabric that pair nicely with crop tops. TTS, 2 (though should/could have worn a 4)

7. NYXLift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen Waterproof Eyebrow Pen: Sometimes I feel like I've tried every brow product on the market, so I was very intrigued when I got a DM recently asking if I knew about the NYX pen (I didn't). Her review was so compelling that I promptly went to Target later that day to pick one up and have since bought three more it's that good (one of which I gifted to my mom). It has a super fine point, which allows you to add realistic-looking individual hairs, goes on without having to press too hard, but still stays put all day. Shade: Ash Brown.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.