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The Ten Best Things That Will Change Your Sleep Habits Most Dramatically in 2019

Plus, the life-changing alarm clock that makes our mornings better.

Our entire office is made of up fairly poor sleepers, so it naturally follows that any time one of us 'discovers' a new product that aids in sleep, we're talking about it the next morning. Over time, we've amassed something of an internal list of the 'best of' products. Here are ten of our favorites:

1. Weighted Blanket: These magical (if you ask us) blankets weigh between two to 24 pounds, and are often used to treat people with anxiety—which makes them the perfect thing to have on hand if you have an overactive, racing mind at night. We promise we aren't recommending them just because our favorite Bachelorette, Jojo, swears by them... 

2. Wake Up Light: Sometimes good sleep comes down to a positive wake-up experience. This nightlight and alarm clock simulates a sunrise, gradually 'rising' until it resembles midday light, to ease your circadian rhythm awake (though it also comes with a classic alarm!). 

3. White Noise Machine: This noise machine is widely used in hospitals because it's proven to help doctors fall asleep quickly during long shifts, when every second counts.

4. Eye Mask: Any insomniac will tell you that, after limiting screens from your routine, the most important step is to turn your bedroom into a cozy cave, devoid of light. Short of replacing all your blinds with black-out shades, it's often simpler to invest in a good eye mask. We love this floral option, and this silk one if you're looking to maintain a blowout. 

5. Comfy Sleepwear: Emily sleeps in GAP underwear, Leslie envelopes herself in fleece sets, and Jess loves this romper from Lunya—but what we all do is find what works and stick to it. Sleepwear often falls to the wayside as an afterthought, but it's worth investing in something you wear every night. 

6. Melatonin Gummies: If you still have trouble falling asleep after removing these common aggravators, it may be worth trying melatonin. We love these (and if you live in states where it's legal, some members of our office use a 1:1 tincture of THC and CBD to aid with sleep). 

7. Temperature Regulated Pillow and Linen Mist: You know that moment when it's 4 A.M. and you've been tossing and turning, repeatedly flipping your pillow over to the cool side? This pillow uses cooling gel to maintain a consistent temperature. Leslie also keeps this linen mist on hand and spritzes a bit on her pillow each night.

8. Good sheets: Consider investing in a good set of sheets (we like Brooklinen, Parachute, Wamsutta), and a duvet you love. The most important thing is to create a haven you're excited to jump into every night.

9. Mattress Warmer (in the winter): Emily is admittedly addicted to her heated mattress pad—which she considers one of her best purchases, ever (and wrote about here and here). The combination of a warm bed in a cool room is pretty much perfect. 

10. Diffuser and Essential Oils: Smell is such a powerful sense, that adding a calming scent to your room can be enough to relax you into sleep. Our team loves this diffuser (as well as this slightly more expensive, but beautiful, stone option). And while you may normally reach for lavender, cedarwood is said to be more helpful in the presence of caffeine, and valerian has been used to treat insomnia since the 17th century. If you don't want to add a diffuser to your room, we also love the calming lavender smell of this hand lotion

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.