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The Most Personal Questions I've Ever Been Asked in My DMs

Plus, my real answers.
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Are you planning on having another kid? 

We just don't know. It's one of the things I struggle with often since we literally go back and forth on a daily basis. Right now, I feel like we have a really great balance: We get to spend so much quality time together as a family, I have the freedom to run a company, and G and I are still able to make one another a priority. I know that having a second kid would change all of that, and I'm just not sure I'm willing to lose what we have since it's so perfect. But at the same time, the idea of seeing Sloan as a big sister is almost too much for my heart to handle. At 35, it's not like I'm a spring chicken, but I don't yet feel the pressure of a ticking clock, so I suppose we have a little bit more time before we have to actually make the decision.

Did you really eat that?

Ha, yes. And probably a whole lot more that I haven't even shown. I have a naturally fast metabolism and food is easily my favorite indulgence. I do try to find a balance in all of it. For example, if I'm having a burger and fries with a martini for dinner, I've most likely skipped breakfast (I'm a big fan of intermittent fasting) and had a salad with some sort of protein for lunch. I've just found that the minute that I make certain foods off-limits, that's all I crave. But of course there are times when I need to pull back a bit (where I currently am after the holidays) and then I just try to make much more conscious decisions instead of having too many impulsive grab-and-eat-without-thinking moments. I don't use a scale, so it's all based on how I feel and how things fit. If my pants start feeling a little tighter, I cut back on sugar and alcohol for a bit and try to go for more walks. 

Have you gotten Botox or fillers? 

To be honest, when I first started receiving this question, I was offended. But I've since come around to see that it was probably meant as a compliment. So here's the answer: No. I've never done anything to my face (i.e., fillers, Botox, etc.) We wrote an entire post about it last week, which was a transcript of a conversation we had in the office all about aging. It's not for me. At least for now. While I don't judge anyone for any procedures they do (whatever makes you feel your best!), I'm a big proponent for aging naturally. I'm mainly bothered by the double standards that exist between men and women. We applaud men for going gray and claim that they only get better with age, and yet that's far from how women are portrayed and viewed. So part of me wants to take a stand against that I guess, to show that natural is beautiful and there's nothing to try to prevent or hide. 

What vitamins/supplements, self-care, etc. did you do while trying to get pregnant/were pregnant with Sloan? 

Honestly, I didn't do much. We got pregnant way faster than I'd anticipated, so I'd taken a pre-natal vitamin for a month or so before conceiving. 

How do you spend so much time with your husband?

Sometimes we don't even know since we spend a loooot of time together. Perhaps it's that we're both only children so we both appreciate each other's needs to have space, but we're also good at communicating with each other. But at the end of the day, we just love each other's company and are very compatible. That's not to say we don't get into arguments—as either co-workers or husband and wife—but there's no one else I'd rather run a business with. As our company has grown, we've taken on different roles, which means we're no longer working literally side by side all day long. I can now ask him how his day was instead of already knowing the answer.

How do I find a good therapist? 

Whenever possible, get a reference (that's how I found mine). If you have a friend you trust, a family member, or even someone you work with that you admire, ask them if they know of a good therapist. And know that it can take time to find your person, so be patient with yourself and the process. You want to find someone who you can be completely and totally honest with, who you enjoy speaking with, and whose advice you admire and want to implement. I'm such a huge proponent of paying attention to your mental health and find that seeing a therapist is the best investment you can make in yourself. I've been seeing my current therapist for the past year or so and this sounds dramatic, but he's literally changed my life. 

What do you eat in a day? 

It depends on the day but most look pretty much the same. Lately, G and I have been skipping breakfast since intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits that we like. I start with a cup of coffee with whole milk and a scoop of collagen and don't eat anything until lunch. I used to be such a breakfast person. I'd literally have to eat within minutes of waking up. But then I'd find I'd need another meal within 90 minutes which was more of an annoyance than anything else. Now if I don't have breakfast, I find I'm not even hungry until noon. For lunch, we either bring leftovers or I'll grab some sort of bowl that has a combination of greens, veggies, protein, and grain. I've also pulled back on snacking considerably. It used to be something I did throughout the afternoon, so instead of plowing through a bunch of cookies and crackers, I'll sip tea (I've found that most of the time I thought I was ravenous, I was actually just dehydrated) and have something high in protein like nuts. For dinner, G cooks most nights and we either have a pasta, grill up some chicken, or make a big salad. Since we're both trying to cut back on sugar and alcohol currently, our after-dinner situation isn't nearly as fun, so we'll usually just make a big bowl of popcorn to have while we watch a movie. 

Is this an ad? 

If something is an ad, I will always clearly depict it as so! When I'm sharing specific products, talking about a new show/book/movie I loved or wearing a certain designer, it's because I'm genuinely a fan and like sharing those things with you. As for sponsored content, I only work with brands and products I really believe in. Those ads are a necessary part of our business though, which allows us the freedom to dedicate our time to creating compelling content you love.

How did you know G was the one? 

I knew pretty much the first time I met him. He was my client and we quickly became friends, then I remember telling my mom on the phone that G was the kind of guy you marry. People may not know someone's their perfect match on day one, but if all of the qualities that matter most to you are there (and you're not ignoring red flags), that's what's most important. He's smart, funny, kind, caring, generous, and always made me a priority, which eventually translated into him being the best dad, ever. 

Have you tried [insert any name here] diet?

Nope. I'm not a big believer in diets, in general. I've watched a lot of friends go on and off them and there always seems to be this back and forth of feeling "good" and then being "bad" when they go off of them, which I don't love. Instead, I abide by the general philosophy that you should follow a certain lifestyle that's balanced and not too restrictive. You should listen to your body and trust that as long as you keep an eye on portions and eating enough of what you should be eating, you'll be good.

Is Sloan always perfectly behaved? 

Most certainly not. Look, she's an exceptional kid, don't get me wrong. She's so smart and sweet, funny and imaginative—but also quite opinionated and manipulative, which can result in some seriously crazy tantrums. It's not that I'm being dishonest about my experience as a parent by not showing the times when she's acting out, but it's more from a place of respect. I know that if I were upset and frustrated, the last thing I would want would be to have someone document it. So just know that yes, there are plenty of floor-flailing, door-slamming moments, but I prefer to show the times when she's excited to be a part of a story and not when she's struggling to communicate or feeling unheard.

How do you have time for [insert any activity here]? 

G and I are really good at dividing and conquering. We take turns with Sloan, in the mornings before school and then again after work, so that one of us has time off to do what we want. Whether that means a long walk in the morning or going out to dinner with friends in the evening, it's a great way for us each to have one-on-one time with Sloan while also still doing our own thing. 

Do you guys have a nanny? 

We have an incredible nanny who watches Sloan (after she gets out of school) four days a week, which allows us to focus on work and slip out for a weekly date night. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.