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The Most-Asked Questions I Get in My DMs

From our kitchen paint colors to the books I've been loving.
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Short hair + Reformation dress

Short hair + Reformation dress

How are you styling your shorter hair?

I delayed cutting my hair for a long time since it's so much easier for me to manage it when it's long. But I'm so happy I went for it - I was desperate for a change and I feel a lot lighter and less like the Covid version of myself. That being said, figuring out how to style it has been...a process. The first time I washed my hair and let it air dry, it was triangular, huge and frizzy. The next morning I straightened it and then added some waves with my flat iron. It took probably 25 minutes and while I was happy with the results (albeit missing a bit of the height up front I prefer to have), the waves sort of fell halfway through the day. The second time I washed my hair and let it air dry, I found more of my rhythm. I washed it at night (with this shampoo and conditioner) and tackled it the following morning by first blow drying just the front two sections around my face. This gave it the illusion of being much more sleek and volumized than it actually was. I then took a flat iron and just straightened the bottom 2-3" of my hair so that it wasn't flipping in all directions. And finally I added probably 5-10 strategic waves with my curling iron around my head. It sounds a bit labor-intensive, but in total, it took under ten minutes with the messy beach waves I want.

What nail polish are you wearing?

For years I've been almost exclusively wearing just three colors: some sort of barely there pink/beige, a bright red, or a nearly-black. But in the last year I've started to experiment a bit more with other colors and am still very much into pastels (particularly buttery yellow and sky blue). The Olive and June polishes are my favorites since they're 7-free, come in a wide range of colors, and never chip. My go-to colors are CCT (the prettiest sheer pink), MM (a milky beige), CN (a deep, chocolately brown that's great for fall) and Honest & True (pale pastel blue).

What have you been reading and watching? 

I got into a beach read kick this summer and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them (I think I was desperate for things that felt a little lighter each night before bed). I read Beach Read, Malibu Rising, People You Meet on Vacation and Rock the Boat and would recommend them all. We're sort of in between shows now, having recently finished a few we enjoyed, including 100 Foot Wave (so gorgeously shot with a beautiful score and riveting/terrifying surf content), Hacks (hilarious and brilliant), Starstruck (endearing and funny), Ted Lasso (uplifting and joy-inducing), and The White Lotus (disturbing and riveting).
Current makeup products? 

Most days I'm wearing some variation on the following products. When I'm having a good skin day, I use Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint (in Shela). And if I'm in need of a little extra color, I'll add a tiny drop of bareMinerals' BarePro Glo to fake a day out in the sun. For events or times when I want my skin to look as if it's been airbrushed, I'll use clé de peau's The Foundation (030 normally and 040 if I'm a bit tan). For concealer, I like Ilia's True Skin Serum Concealer (in Yucca), which I apply as the last step in my makeup routine. For my brows, I'm back to the clear Kosas Air Brow since it actually gets my stubborn, thick brows to stay where I want them, followed by a light penciling in with Nars Brow Perfector (in Komo). I'm still just as obsessed with Ilia's Limitless Lash Mascara, which gives excellent definition, length, and pigment (it also washes off without having to use eye makeup remover). For color on my cheeks, I'll use a dab of Glossier's Cloud Paint (in Haze). On my lips, most days I'm in Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk since it makes me feel instantly put together and chic.

Sloan on her first day in 1st grade

Sloan on her first day in 1st grade

Is Sloan back in school? 

Sloan is officially back in school, in person, full time! She started first grade recently and is loving it. I'm just so happy for her that she actually gets to be back in a classroom with her friends. Scholastically, she did well with virtual learning, but I began noticing certain changes as it pertained to her lack of social interactions with other kids. I've already seen such a change in her since being back in a classroom and hope that things can remain that way!

Sneak peek of cupcakes and cashmere rings!

Sneak peek of cupcakes and cashmere rings!

When are rings coming to the Shop?

Soon! I've been showing sneak peeks of our new ring collection on social media and have been trying to keep up with questions in my DMs. We'll be introducing cupcakes and cashmere rings this fall (most likely November). Based on an overwhelming amount of feedback, the majority of the styles will be dainty, fine pieces (though there will be a few non-fine options) at a very approachable price point, ranging in sizes 4-10. They're some of my favorite pieces we've offered and look even better when stacked together, so I can't wait until they arrive!

Where are you currently with Covid-safety?

It kind of feels like a few steps forward and a few steps back? With the new Delta variant, we're back to hanging with a smaller group of vaccinated friends outdoors. When we go out to eat, it's outdoors, which honestly isn't even difficult since we're in L.A. We wear masks, wash our hands constantly, use hand sanitizer - back to the basics, which I'm happy to do in order to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

Our kitchen paint colors, still clearly a work in progress

Our kitchen paint colors, still clearly a work in progress

What paint colors did you use in your kitchen?

For the walls, we went with the same color as the rest of our house (Benjamin Moore "Simply White") since it's the perfect white that feels warm and welcoming, but still bright and fresh. For the cabinets, we chose Farrow & Ball's "Joa White," which is a creamy beige with a lot of depth.

How are you? 

This question always makes me oddly emotional! I see my role as something of service to other people, whether I'm answering questions, providing feedback or inspiration, so it's very touching when this is asked. I'm doing okay! I've been making a lot of internal shifts - creating clearer boundaries, taking better care of myself and embracing change, none of which is easy for me, but I know is best in the long run. I've been also experimenting with some new forms of self care, most specifically in the form of an energy healer, which I realize is THE most L.A. thing I've ever said, but thus far the impact has been pretty profound and I'm excited to share more of my experience soon.

Favorite cocktail glass

Favorite cocktail glass

Where are your cocktail glasses from? 

I bought these martini glasses on a whim one evening and they're one of the things I get asked about the most! The exact style is no longer available, but I've found remarkably similar versions here and here. They're a cool alternative to a traditional cocktail glass and I use them for everything from martinis and rosé to orange juice and milk.

What are your go-to PJs/nightgown?

I'm in one of a few things every morning/night: my robe that feels like the softest, worn-in sweatshirt, a romantic Doen nightgown, a candy-colored sweatsuit (which happens to be on sale!), or boy shorts when I go to bed. 

Can you share your blowout tutorial? 

Yes! When I want something sleek with great movement, I still follow these steps.

What's your promo code for *insert brand name*?

I do my best to answer DMs when people request promo codes, but as a best practice, I suggest you screenshot at the time if you're even possibly interested in a product or service. Just remember codes are often meant to be used for a specific amount of time following a campaign and aren't valid indefinitely.

Maison Louis Marie No. 04

Maison Louis Marie No. 04

It's almost fall! What are your three go-to candles?

I'm thrilled that the weather is slowly starting to turn in L.A., which means it feels a lot more appropriate to start burning candles each night again. My three favorite scents include a sandalwood that's so good and creamy that it gets more compliments than anything I ever burn (plus the price for the quality is unheard of). The second is not only one of the prettiest candles ever (I'll never get over the pink wax that matches the vessel), but in a scent that's equally as intriguing. It smells like the air after rain paired with fresh roses, which is just so intriguing and makes sense why it's one of the top sellers of candles in our shop of all time. The third is alluring in the name alone (Portable Fireplace) and it's exactly how it sounds - like you're sitting in a wood cabin with a crackling fire.

P.S. You can read more of the most-asked questions I get in my DMs from earlier this year here!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.