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The Bad Habit G and I Are Dedicated to Breaking in Our New Home

Brought to you by Grove Collaborative.
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My bad habit with laundry began years ago. When I moved into my first apartment in L.A., I would put off going to the laundromat for as long as I possibly could before lugging it down the sidewalk. When I moved in with G, things didn't get much better. We had laundry in a creepy basement, but would often "forget" to get quarters until our dirty clothes piled up to the point of being impossible to ignore. By the time we finally moved into a home with a washer and dryer, our bad habit of waiting until the last possible moment was firmly rooted.

When we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted to use it as a fresh start to begin healthier habits—the primary reason being that it leaves me with zero room for excuses. Our house now has an entire laundry room (#dreamsdocometrue), that's light-filled, with plenty of space. Instead of dedicating an entire Sunday to laundry, I'm planning on doing laundry little by little to make the process as appealing and organized as possible. 

I've always loved how easy Grove Collaborative makes it to make clean swaps in our home with their subscription service and curated selection of eco-friendly products, so we've set up timed deliveries of Grove's Liquid Detergent (I prefer 'Free and Clear,' which is free not only of dyes but of scent) to add to their dispenser. Now we can never blame the piling laundry on a lack of detergent or quarters... 

Grove is giving first-time customers a free Grove Laundry Set with a $20 purchase. It includes the detergent, a dispenser, and Stain-Remover Spray (customers who spend above $39 will also receive a free stoneware tray to house them all, and existing customers will receive a walnut scrubber sponge). Here's to making laundry more efficient and sustainable in 2020, and changing my relationship with less-than-enjoyable chores! x 


Thank you to Grove Collaborative for partnering with us on this post! Read about the sustainable swaps I made in the fall, and how to kick off the year with a clean home.  

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.