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The Top 3 Things Everyone in Our Office is Excited to Do Over Thanksgiving Break (Plus Our Go-To Dishes and Outfits)

From relaxing days in, to time-honored family traditions.
Our awkward family photo

Our awkward family photo

When our VP of Ecommerce, Ann, organized an office potluck yesterday, the theme was obvious: Thanksgiving. We each brought in our specialities—Emily baked a pumpkin pie, our Marketing Manager Kelly baked a Tater Tot Hot Dish ("Midwest, baby!"), Geoffrey made a turkey, and our Social Media Manager doubled-down with corn bread and cookies. Before we each head off to different corners of the country and L.A., we're sharing the top three things we each can't wait to do this long weekend: 

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G and I love hosting Thanksgiving, but since my grandma no longer travels, we're bringing the party to her (a.k.a. Sloan, who's easily her all-time favorite person). We'll be in Marin for a few days and coming up with plenty of low-key, indoor activities since the air quality is still terrible, due to the fires. It'll give us an excuse to squeeze in lots of reading, puzzles, holiday movies, and quality time spent with family, which I can't wait to do.

I'm most excited to: 

1. Sit by the fire with a cocktail in hand
2. Sort through dozens of boxes of photos and put them into albums
3. Eat Thanksgiving food (and all the leftovers) for days

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: Mashed potatoes with lots of gravy. I pile up my plate with all of the classics, but it's easily my favorite dish.
Favorite annual tradition: Lounging on the couch, post-meal, with full bellies and board games.
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: Anything that feels festive, but forgiving. I usually opt for a slouchy sweater in a fun color and a stretchy legging or a billowy dress and a statement earring.

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This year, Jonah and I are visiting family the weekends before and after Thanksgiving so we can avoid traffic and lay low the day-of. Friends are sleeping over Wednesday night so we can go for a 'Turkey trot' jog together Thanksgiving morning, then we'll be making a full turkey feast and heading to another friends' for post-dinner drinks and pie! On Friday, we're heading to Sequoia for the long weekend. We'll be staying in an airstream on a goat farm we found on HipCamp (why do I always end up at goat farms?), so I'm hoping for plenty of hiking followed by cozy evenings reading and eating leftovers! 

I'm most excited to: 

1. Camp in Sequoia
2. Finally read the sci-fi doorstopper Dune by Frank Herbert 
3. Drink some really good port

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: Thanksgiving sandwiches the day-after (moister-maker and all...)! And Negronis the day-of.
Favorite annual tradition: For the past eight years, I've gone to a different family friend's home for Thanksgiving—so I don't really have one! But cooking with Jonah, catching some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and taking a long post-dinner walk with friends is a must, no matter where I am.
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: My only rule of thumb is to avoid jeans, so I can eat more. ;) I just picked up this Cupcakes and Cashmere sweater, which I love (it's so soft in addition to being perfectly roomy), and plan on wearing it half-tucked into this olive green (drawstring!) midi skirt from Madewell and my favorite Jenni Kayne slides

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I'll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house with the in-laws so I plan on cooking alllllll day long! Since my husband needs to work (he's an RN), it'll give me some alone time in the kitchen to cook up a storm before everyone comes over. Also, I'll probably do some online shopping...

I'm most excited to:

1. Single-handedly cook our family dinner. That means I get to choose the menu ;)
2. Open a nice bottle of red. I usually have one tucked away to open on special occasions like this one
3. Chill out on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner and put on a holiday flick

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: It's all about the sides for me. It's so hard to choose just one, but I can't live without stuffing!
Favorite annual tradition: Blasting Christmas music while cooking
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: My go-to outfit while I'm cooking is a pair of my favorite pajamas. My current favorite are the Giseles from Eberjey. After all the cooking is done, I freshen up and throw on a holiday dress.

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My family is heading to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, which should be such a treat. It's a sacred place for us—we've been vacationing there since I was a baby, and everyone is at their happiest when we're slathered in sunscreen near the beach.

I'm most excited to:

1. Eat poke by the pound
2. Run along the ocean each morning
3. Read Becoming by Michelle Obama—my love for the former first lady runs so deep that I named my cat after her!

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: We don't do traditional Thanksgiving, but if I did, my pick would be sweet potato casserole.
Favorite annual tradition: Steering clear of traditional Thanksgiving food. I know we're in the minority, but the whole turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce thing doesn't really do it for my family. We indulge in other ways (hence the poke by the pound), and always end our night with some Lappert's ice cream!
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: My favorite one-piece bathing suit.

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Last year we visited friends in Palm Springs and ate out for Thanksgiving, which was awesome (no clean-up!), but I am excited to cook again this year! I typically cook every year, so I am really looking forward to hosting some great friends and watching football.

I'm most excited to:

1. Watch football
2. Have some wine
3. Launch into the (real) start of the holiday season!

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: I make every traditional side, but my friends know me for my overnight brined turkey.
Favorite annual tradition: Enjoying the people I love and, of course, leftovers!
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: You'll usually find me in a good pair of black booties, black skinny jeans, and a cozy, structured sweater

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I grew up celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving (IMO the best October holiday, sorry Halloween). Since moving to LA, I have fully committed to "Friendsgiving" and look forward celebrating with all people who welcomed me to this city and made it a second home.

I'm most excited to:

1. Setting up Christmas decorations immediately on Friday (including decorating my French Bulldog, who has Santa, Rudolph and Elf costumes to choose from).
2. Eating stuffing! Honestly, I just love stuffing.
3. Watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles—while getting teary-eyed.

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: Stuffing—of course—but I always try to make Butter Tarts which compliment any other dessert served and are perfect for the morning-after with coffee.
Favorite annual tradition: Eating until I feel sick, having seconds—and then having leftovers for breakfast!
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: Comfy boyfriend jeans and a sweater, as I usually spend more time cooking than not. My outfit will be accented with my favorite Hedley & Bennett apron while I attempt to make the turkey. 

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The holidays are a little crazy since I have four parents, and my boyfriend Ryan's lives nearby as well. Usually we start at my moms for lunch, head to my dad's for dinner, then to Ryan's family for dessert!

I'm most excited to:

1. Hang out with my little brother who is coming home from SFSU for Thanksgiving break
2. Eat massive amounts of amazing food
3. Do a little shopping ;)

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: Every year my family orders a ridiculous amount of pupusas from our favorite pupuseria. This is my favorite dish from my culture! 
Favorite annual tradition: Just having everyone together is my favorite.
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: I will definitely be wearing the Carly Sweater with a pair of Levis or the Billy Jean!

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This year is definitely going to be unusual! My parents are driving in from Arizona, and we're eating our Thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriend’s parent’s house (yep, my parents are meeting his parents for the first time!). Our friends Ryan and Kaleigh will be staying with us over the holiday weekend as well, and we’re going to run a Turkey Trot 10K in the Pacific Palisades on Thanksgiving Day.

I'm most excited to:

1. Eat delicious pies
2. Proofread my final paper for grad school while eating pie (lol… NOT)
3. See my parents!

My go-to Thanksgiving dish: I don’t have a go-to dish to make, but French Silk Pie is my must-eat Thanksgiving dish since I was a kid.
Favorite annual tradition: Going to see a movie on Thanksgiving Day with my parents.
My go-to Thanksgiving outfit: I'll wear something that is appropriate to fall asleep in, on the couch in after eating turkey, but that I can also wear to the movie theater. I usually wear something like my favorite yoga pants with pockets and a super-soft sweater.

Emily's Pumpkin Pie, Kelly's Tater Tot Hot Dish, Geoffrey's Turkey, Leslie's Salad, Ann's Stuffing (and more!) 

Emily's Pumpkin Pie, Kelly's Tater Tot Hot Dish, Geoffrey's Turkey, Leslie's Salad, Ann's Stuffing (and more!) 


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.