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The 18 Costco Items I Always Keep on Hand in Our Kitchen

From seasonal citrus to Aperol Spritzes.
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We're what you'd call a Costco family. I remember the weekend G and I got our membership, over a decade ago. I beelined for a five-pound tub of Jelly Bellys while G promptly checked out the TVs—and we've been big fans ever since. In the past year during lockdown, we've found the mass retailer to be even more of a necessity, for items that go beyond candy and electronics. Here's a glimpse of the top 18 things we buy from Costco regularly:


1. Berries: Our family goes through a lot of berries and Costco's raspberries and blueberries are some of our favorites. They're always fresh and you get roughly twice the amount for the same price of what you'd get in a regular grocery store.

2. Citrus: We buy their bulk lemons and limes for things like baking and cocktails and when their red grapefruits are in season, we stock up on those as well. They're great for juice in the morning and are so much sweeter than anything I come across locally.

3. Cocktail Cucumbers: These small, super crunchy cucumbers are one of the few vegetables Sloan requests so we always have a bag on hand. They're easy (and delicious) to dip into hummus or tuna fish salad when you need a quick afternoon snack.

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4. Frozen Strawberries: Their bag of organic frozen strawberries is a staple in our freezer for fruit-filled smoothies all year round.

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5. CheeseAs a cheese enthusiast (there's literally not one kind of cheese I don't love), this section is one of my most visited. It's the only place where we buy our Italian Parmesan and they also have a great selection of fancier cheeses like Aged Gouda, Manchego, Brie, and Kerrygold Irish Cheddar.

6. Unsalted Butter: You really should only buy their massive amounts of unsalted butter if you're an avid baker, but for the price, it really is the best. Be forewarned, since it comes in one pound blocks, a kitchen scale is required to measure properly.

7. Organic Eggs: We don't buy their eggs every time unless my parents are visiting or it's for the holidays, but it's a great value for organic.

8. Cottage Cheese: I go through phases where I eat cottage cheese with fruit and nuts for breakfast or a snack every day. When I'm in one of those phases, this is the size I get.

9. Organic Chicken Thighs: This is one of the items we order almost every time. They're such a good staple to have in the fridge (or freezer for the future) whether you're grilling, adding them to soup, or just roasting them.

10. Maple Syrup: Since pancakes and waffles are requested on a daily basis in our house, we go through a lot of maple syrup. We buy it exclusively from Costco in the form of their 1-liter sized organic variety that's a rich, amber flavor.

11. Coconut Milk:  G uses this no-sugar-added organic coconut milk to his smoothies every morning. It tastes great, is super hydrating, and comes as a pack of six large resealable containers.

12. Yellowfin Tuna: Okay so I've waxed poetic about this canned tuna on several occasions, but it's really that good. You can find them sold individually for a much higher price in specialty stores, but we like to stock up since we go through so much of it. The yellowfin tuna is packed in olive oil and is simply a much better quality than anything I've had before. Obviously the best way to use it is with my beloved recipe I make at least once a week.

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13. Sugar: This is another thing to get if you're a fan of baking, but since I go through a lot of sugar, I buy their C&H 10 lb bags. I had tried their 25 lb bag of all purpose flour last year, but found the quality to be lacking compared to the ones I'd buy in store.

14. Alcohol: This is where we buy almost all of our spirits, from bottles of Hendricks Gin to Aperol (my parents also swear by the Kirkland Rosé). While the massive bottles aren't quite as aesthetically pleasing when displayed on a bar cart, it's worth it for the savings. 

15. Organic Olive Oil: We always have at least two bottles of Kirkland Organic Olive Oil in our pantry (one opened and one as a back up). As big believers that olive oil should be added to everything, we go through these two-liter bottles pretty fast.

16. Almonds: Whether for snacking or turning into almond milk, Costco's three-pound bag of almonds is the best deal you can find. 

17. Rao's Marinara Sauce: This is my favorite canned tomato sauce for pasta or pizza, so whenever their two-pack of Rao's Marinara Sauce is available, I add it to our cart.

18. Organic Peanut Butter: Sloan and I loooove peanut butter and theirs is one of our favorites. The only ingredients are organic dry roasted peanuts and sea salt and the large sizes mean we don't need to replace it too often.

P.S. For those who don't have a membership, an easy way around that is to order from Costco via Instacart—I've added their links to each item to make them that much easier to find, though the items may vary slightly by where you're ordering from. x 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.