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The 18 Newsletters I *Actually* Look Forward To In My Inbox

I give you full permission to unsubscribe to the rest.

I suspect I'm not alone when I say that I resent my inbox as much as I enjoy it—but recently, I've been tipping towards the former. After spending a day cleaning out my inbox at the start of quarantine, and clicking *unsubscribe* on repeat, I have a space I'm actually excited to jump into each morning. Between the difficult-to-answer emails and procrastinated responses are little gems of newsletters that serve as a mid-day pick-me-up, or an easy place to start over coffee. Here are 18 newsletters I actually look forward to in my inbox: 

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Oftentimes, I'll knock out a more difficult task or email first thing, so that I don't put it off for the rest of the day, then reward myself by reading one of the following newsletters: Girls' Night In (sent Fridays), Cup of Jo (sent Fridays), The Daily Good (sent daily), and The Newsette (sent daily). They're all well-curated emails that link to longer articles and recommendations from both their own content and other outlets!

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Each week, the podcast Radiolab shares a newsletter (sent Mondays) with a link to their latest episode—but the true value is in the editors' picks at the bottom. The recommendations are always so varied, you never know what to expect. From this week's issue, I discovered a 2018 lecture Michaela Coel gave (you know I love her), an article on "beneficial nemotodes," and a profile of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman I never would have picked up otherwise. 

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This is the third time in two weeks that I've mentioned Nicole Cardoza's newsletter Anti-Racism Daily (sent daily), which should tell you how very valuable I consider it to be. Every day, she sends out articles and actions mostly around a specific topic written by herself and contributors. Rachel Cargle's #DoTheWork course on anti-racism was previously sent by day, but now exists entirely via this link

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Margot Boyer-Dry's newsletter Lorem Ipsum (sent several times a week) keeps me cool, informed, and jamming to the best music. I'm forever grateful to her for introducing me to Tierra Whack, among many, many other artists (you probably recognize the name from the number of times I've thanked her in The List!). 

P.S. If you're into emerging artist recs, consider the Leftsetz Letter by Bob Leftsetz. 

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If you feel the same way I do about TheSkimm, you may be interested in Emma Hinchliffe's The Broadsheet (sent daily), a top-level collection of need-to-know news. For everything else, I turn to the New York Times' impressive collection of newsletters. I subscribe to The Evening Briefing (sent daily) and California Today (sent daily). 

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Ashley Kane's "Sunday Brunch" roundup (sent weekly, but currently on pause) is a treasure trove of fashion and home recommendations. In a format that feels similar to my List column, she shares links to what she's been reading, listening to, watching, and purchasing. I come away from each issue with at least one great rec! As a note... They're no longer sent regularly (as far as I can tell), but the archives are worth diving into. 

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Outside of relationships with press and publishers, I find the majority of my book recommendations for The List from newsletters (which I then carefully read, narrow down, and review). The Book Marks Bulletin (sent weekly) is an excellent resource for finding the biggest and most-reviewed books on the cusp of going mainstream. If you really want to get inside info, I also read Publisher's Lunch (sent daily), which includes industry info on book deals and fresh releases as well as author Leigh Stein's newsletter on the industry (sent Sundays). 

A few I skim: Scotts Cheap Flights, The Know

P.S. A quick note on marketing emails... Less is more! I used to find myself overwhelmed by about ten thousand too many GAP emails (even with Gmail's life-saving "Promo" tab), but now I only subscribe to emails from my five favorite brands, a list that changes frequently. Like your closet, edit your marketing emails so that they evolve with your taste!  

Not that my inbox needs more emails, but... I'd love to hear which you subscribe to. Share in the comments below!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.