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29 Products We Bought Because of Internet Recommendations (And Why We Love Them)

From homegoods to on-the-go essentials.
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It's our job to find, vet, and recommend products we love. It's why many of our beauty cabinets look like a small explosion went off, how we found ourselves taste-testing rosé on a recent afternoon (if someone has to do it, we're okay it's us), and why Leslie's friends frequently use "List-worthy" as an adjective, as in, "This season of BLL is totally List-worthy." But it also doesn't mean we're immune to internet recommendations—far from it. We're always searching out the best online trends, so we can try them ourselves. After a recent office conversation led us to discover that half of our editorial team bought a round-brush-dryer from this Cup of Jo post (thank you, Caroline!), we thought it would be fun to share some of our other favorite internet-approved purchases:

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I've been looking at this picture for nearly two years and it still gives me all the feels. I'm not a very pro-glitter person, living in constant fear that it will be all over me, our house, and cats in a matter of moments, but I finally bit the bullet and got an entire glitter set in varying shapes and shades for Sloan and me to use. I've used them for nail art, festive makeup, and art projects and I must say, it was one of my favorite, joy-sparking purchases I've made this year.

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Ninety percent of the purchases I make are because someone in our office recommended them: Stasher bags after Jess brought homemade power bars in them (goals), this precise makeup remover and a proper candle snuffer from Emily's written recs, and these Facial Radiance pads from Anne's skincare post (yes, this is dangerous place to work as far as my wallet is concerned...). Another five percent comes from The Wirecutter recommendations. I bought this printer, white noise machineBluetooth transmittercoffee maker, all from their expert recommendations. Several of their recommendations have made cameos in my "best of" lists, like this one

But if I had to pick one thing I'm thrilled I bought, it would be these Year & Day dinner plates, which I purchased after seeing Sarah Sherman Samuels' recap of her design process in Mandy Moore's gorgeous kitchen. I bought a set of dinner plates, large bowls (which I reach for most often), and small bowls in the blush pink "Daybreak" color. They're so beautiful and genuinely make every breakfast and dinner better—I wrote a bit more about them here

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I love a good Instagram series, and Amanda Frederickson's #FridgeForaging is one of my favorites. She uses whatever she's got in her fridge every Wednesday to make an easy, delicious weeknight meal, and I'm usually drawn to the food itself—but I also noticed her pans. Aside from her cast irons, she also recommended Zwilling ceramic cookware, so I bought a single frying pan to see if it lived up to the hype. Curious if it did? All you need to know is that I promptly replaced all my Amazon pans with the Zwilling options.

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Let me just say it upfront: I am easily influenced, and I know it. I love following people who have similar taste to me and even relish in the fact that my iPhone listens to my conversations to give me the exact ads I need to see. Make my life simple, and I will buy.  From my face tanner to my blowdryer, my entire beauty cabinet has been influenced by bloggers, YouTubers, and editors all around the world. My most recent purchase was this foundation compact for summer, after seeing Violette_FR's youtube tutorial on her sunset apero look. The foundation is super subtle, comes with SPF 50, and creates a beautiful, subtle glow. Plus, I love a product that can be thrown into my bag and touched up throughout the day. Next, I'll be purchasing her gold slip dress from the video because, naturally, I need it

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I was born to be influenced: As a child, instead of singing typical skipping tunes when I played double-dutch, I would recite commercials for local tv networks or fast food jingles. With the advent of the internet, I became a clicking fiend and I have more cookies lingering in my server than in my kitchen cupboards. As I've shared before, I love good skincare buys—I bought COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid after reading so many positive reviews on Reddit and from other beauty bloggers. I also recently bought the Dermashine Pro 7 Color LED Face Mask after getting 'fluenced from the same sources. I have tried Brooklinen sheets, Quip toothbrushes, Hello Fresh subscriptions, One Love bras—all the podcast ad staples. I guess if I hear a sales pitch with some vocal fry and a listener discount code I'll give it a try.

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I vacillate between two extremes when making an online purchase: intense research and impulse-buy. There are some things that I will take hours, days, or weeks to pull the trigger on; combing through blogs, Reddit forums, and Amazon customer reviews until I'm completely satisfied with my research (like my Peloton seat cover, these tortoiseshell barrettes, and these bluetooth headphones I gave to Alfie for Valentine's Day). On the other hand, there are some things that I will just shamelessly and immediately click "Buy Now!" on because they're interesting, and why the heck not (my personalized skincare cocktail from Curology, this book about marriage, and this dog toy come to mind!). Of all the purchases I've made recently, Curology is definitely my favorite–it's like having a dermatologist in your pocket that you periodically send #makeupfree selfies to, and she curates a personalized magic potion for you based on your skin and skincare concerns. It shows up at your door automatically, and my skin has never been happier.

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There are few things I like better than shopping in anticipation of summer vacation. I’ve mentioned that I buy at least one swimsuit before each beach vacation I go on and let’s just say I’ve gone a little overboard with my purchases leading up to my two-week trip to Spain. More often than not, my finds come directly from recommendations on the internet, whether it be via a fashion editor’s picks or an eye-catching Instagram photo. Amongst my favorite purchases for Spain so far: a sleek, grey Delsey Paris hardshell carry-on, House of Harlow x Revolve printed silk pants, and a black Champion sweatsuit (joggers and an oversized jacket), which I plan on wearing on the plane. I impulse purchased the black sweatsuit immediately after seeing this paparazzi shot of Hailey Bieber and soon realize it's not only the perfect travel uniform (chic and comfy), but also incredibly functional. The sweats double as lounge pants for relaxing mornings cooking breakfast at our Airbnb, and I plan on throwing on the jacket for our daily after-dinner gelato runs. 

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.