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The 11 Items That Changed Our VP of Content's Life Most Dramatically

How I significantly simplified my mornings, travel, and weeknights.

When I think about the purchases I've made that have changed my life most dramatically (we're not talking about food, and survival essentials here of course!), my mind goes to the products that have streamlined my routine. I immediately think of the items that transformed my skin, cut minutes off my morning routine, and made my life simpler so I could go out and enjoy it. Here are the 11 items have have changed my life most dramatically: 

Coffee Maker and Boiler for Bulletproof Coffee: What better place to start than with the first thing I wake up to? Because my boyfriend Jonah doesn't drink coffee, I use a drip maker that can brew smaller cups—and boil water in the other side (which is an added bonus for my tiny kitchen). I usually brew Stumptown Hairbender coffee (2 scoops, 1 cup of water) to make Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. I add a tablespoon of unsalted butter (which I portion at the beginning of the week), a teaspoon of MCT Oil, and scoop of marine collagen to a cup of coffee, then blend it all in a Magic Bullet. I love the creaminess of the coffee, which turns into a rich, velvety latte—plus there are tons of added benefits! It provides quick energy that lasts, aids in the absorption of caffeine from coffee, and keeps me full until breakfast in the office.

LectroFan White Noise Machine: I'm always looking for products and tips to help me with my chronic insomnia, and I can't believe it took me so long to invest in a white noise machine. After wearing ear plugs to sleep for years (I wake up at the tiniest sound), I finally invested in a white noise machine—which immediately improved not only my own sleep, but my boyfriend Jonah's. I bought this one at the recommendation of Wirecutter, and love the number of settings and volumes it offers—plus it's small enough to take on trips. 

Natori Feathers Bra: I finally purchased three Natori Feathers Bras (in cosmetic, black, and café) after our office conversation on bras—during which I revealed that I hadn't purchased a bra in ten years. And let me tell you: I love them. They're incredibly flattering and are comfortable enough I don't feel the need to throw it off the minute I walk in my house at the end of the day. Win-win!

Cuisinart Immersion Blender: I'm a strong believer that immersion blenders are the best $25 you can spend. I use mine to make mid-week vegetable soups that I then portion into jam jars for lunches—it's a life-saver!

Cuyana Leather Travel Case: This case has spread like wildfire through my friend group. Ever since one of us (hi, Caroline!) brought it on a girls' trip, the rest of us loved it so much we bought it on the spot. I love that there are two sizes—I keep my daily makeup in the large bag, and evening makeup (like eyeshadow and lipstick) in the smaller bag. It's sturdy—I literally throw it in my gym bag, and it looks like the day I bought it two years ago—beautiful, and so, so chic. 

Parachute Linen Sheets: Two years ago, I surprised Jonah for Christmas by re-doing our bedroom. I swapped out our bedside table for this West Elm option and replaced our IKEA sheets with these Linen Parachute sheets. Now, because my bed looks like a sanctuary for sleep, I treat it as one—which has helped me retrain my brain and fall asleep easier. 

Black workout wear: Recently, my go-to word for clothes has been "simplify." I used to purchase fun, bright leggings that caught my eye, but after seeing a woman in simple chic black leggings, black tank, and a black sports bra in a barre class, I began slowly replacing worn-out leggings with all-black alternatives. Now, my workout drawer looks a bit like a black hole, but I love not even having to think about creating an outfit as I run out the door. (And then I make up for all the dark monotony with these blush sneakers.)

14 pairs of Aerie Thongs and Boyshorts: After discovering the Life-Changing Magic of Not Having to Make a Decision About Workout Clothes (it's a new thing), I applied the same logic to my underwear drawer. Over the holidays, I tossed all of my old pairs of underwear—I am not exaggerating when I say most of them were purchased in 2006 when I discovered Victoria's Secret—and replaced them with skin-tone lacy thongs and boyshorts for sleeping. I love the styles on Aerie, and the fact that they're 7 for $29! Now I don't have to sift through my underwear drawer to find my favorites (the ones without holes...), or worry about wearing a black thong under white jeans!

iPad: After I purchased myself an iPad, I wrote an ode to it, I loved it so much. In addition to being the best for nighttime reading once my boyfriend Jonah's already asleep, it's the only carry-on I need when I travel. I just load books and movies on it, and keep it in this brilliant keyboard case, in case I need to hop on to do some work mid-trip! 

RMS Un Cover-Up and Luminizer: I've always loved the 'no makeup' makeup look, and spent years trying to figure it out—until coming across these products. The cover-up is my favorite, and the 'Champagne Rose Luminizer' adds the perfect glow, so much that it's cut down on the products I need in my routine. I can get out the door quicker, feeling prettier. 

Jenni Kayne Calf Hair Mules: When I bought these shoes last December, I'd already been debating purchasing them for over a year. I felt ridiculous spending $400 on a pair of slides. But flash-forward a year, and I've worn them almost every single day—they're my most comfortable, versatile pair of shoes and can make even jeans and a T-shirt look fantastic. 

P.S. Our entire team will be sharing the products that changed our lives most dramatically—and we've love to hear yours! Comment or DM us on Instagram with your picks. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.