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The 10 Items That Changed Our Social Media Manager's Life Most Dramatically

From tampons (really!) to her first "adult" purchase.

It isn't difficult to notice a common theme here: I'm on my phone a lot (it's the nature of my job), so many of my life-changing products are iPhone-related, or coffee-related. Turns out I need those two things to keep me going! Here are 10 items that have changed my life most dramatically: 

Curling Iron: I've gone through many curling irons in my life, and as a general rule, I always went for the those which were least likely to damage my hair (due to a combination of fine hair and a ton of breakage). Yet every time I visited a salon for my bi-annual haircut, I left with the perfect wavy curls that lasted days after the blowout. I also realized that every salon used this 1 1/2 inch Hot Tools Curling Wand. I scooped one on Amazon, and haven't looked back. 

My pour-over routine: I have spent most of my caffeine-drinking life paying five dollars a day for a cold brew. It was a time-consuming, environmentally damaging, and incredibly expensive habit that I vowed to break as my 2018 resolution. When I moved to LA, I invested in a Fellow pot, a grinder and my sister gifted me this pour-over set which fundamentally improved my mornings. I also recently discovered my favorite coffee brand of all time (that I now get shipped to me on a monthly basis): Flat Track Coffee based in Austin. And this to-go cup has made my morning commute more enjoyable. I now actually look forward to waking up and beginning my morning ritual. 

Phone car mount holder: I'm ashamed to admit that for the first month I lived in LA, I was constantly looking down at my phone in the cupholder for directions while driving. After too many close calls, I purchased this car mount holder, which has made me a significantly safer driver.

A really sturdy phone case that wraps around the edges: Take it from me: Three cracked phone screens will teach you the importance of a tough phone case. If the case doesn't wrap all the way around the phone, I'm not buying it. This one from Sonix hasn't failed me yet–plus the celestial theme is cute and eye-catching (pun intended!).

Celine Trio Bag: I begged my parents for months to gift me this bag for any and all occasions about four years ago, but they couldn't justify it. I finally saved up and decided to make it my first *real* adult indulgent purchase, and the moment I bought it, I knew the bag would be even more special because it wasn't given to me—but because I worked for it. It's now my only purse I bring when I travel and works with truly any outfit.

Mega Box of Tampons: Never thought I'd say that tampons changed my life, but here we are. A few months ago, I had an epiphany: I was constantly stressed out every single month when my tampon box got predictably low, and I never remembered to replace the few I'd snuck into purses and jackets for emergencies. I bought two mega boxes, so I'm never worried about running low and always have an extra if a friend or colleague is in need. 

Unstoppables: Have you ever hugged someone and instantly noticed the intoxicating mixture of laundry detergent and dryer sheets on their clothing? I always envied those people until I discovered Unstoppables. A Reddit thread convinced me to give them a shot, and they boost the scent of your laundry—even exercise leggings that have seen better days.

Steamer: Picking an outfit only to discover that a piece is a wrinkly mess happened to me constantly, and after wrestling with an iron and ironing board for years, I finally invested in a steamer. What a game changer! I occasionally spend Sunday nights steaming my clothes I've selected for work, and it sets me up for successful mornings all week long.

An extra iPhone battery pack and an additional few cables: As you can imagine, I live on my phone (hey, it's my job!). Within the last year, I noticed that all-too-familiar panic that would occur when my phone battery started to tank, without a charger in sight. After I purchased an extra portable battery pack, a few longer iPhone cables (used in my car) and an additional charger, I can safely say I've eliminated the "Low Battery" function from my life (...for the most part).

Tumbler: At a bachelorette party this summer, I received a goodie bag with a monogrammed tumbler. Though they were intended for boozing, I've used mine to increase the amount of water I drink on a daily basis, something I haven't been on top of the past few years. Hydrating properly has helped relieve headaches, given me more energy, and totally cleared my skin.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.