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The 10 Items That Changed Anne's Life (and Skin) Most Dramatically

From chemical exfoliants to kitty litters, the Amazon impulse buys that keep sparking joy.
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I am known in the office for two things: my overly specific skincare routine and my passion for gaming, so no surprise, items from both of those hobbies made this list! I also love an impulse buy, so writing this was rewarding—knowing that all my Amazon add-on items actually were useful and now I can pass that knowledge on to you. Here are the 10 items that have changed my life MOST dramatically (emphasis mine):

1. Modcat Kitty Litter Box: Since the dawn of indoor cats, people have been trying to disguise kitty litters as anything other than what they are—floor toilets. But I finally found a chic and easy-to-clean solution that my cat and I both love in the Modcat litter box. It looks great, comes in a variety of shades so you can coordinate to your decor, and uses removable and replaceable liners which make it incredibly easy to keep tidy. I have had mine for more than five years, so although it's a little more expensive than most boxes it lasts and is absolutely worth it.

2. Paulas Choice Skincare: I couldn't have a list of purchases that changed my life without including Paula's Choice products. I have been using products from this line since there were real stakes between the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. Their chemical exfoliants are some of the best and most reliable on the market. My personal favorites are the gel BHA and AHA treatments, but they also have really dependable and effective cleansers, and moisturizers—pretty much everything you need to create your routine.

3. Saucony Hiking Shoes: Living in LA means lying about hiking—"I love hiking!", "Hiking is a blast," "Sure, I absolutely want to meet up with you and hike!", "Ha ha ha, hiking!" Okay, so I might not have loved hiking, but then I was gifted hiking shoes and I had to change my tune. These boots are as lightweight as trainers, but really grip the trail, so you won't embarrassingly tumble down a hill in front of Drew Barrymore and her dog (hmm, I wonder if this is where my apprehension stems from?). Stories aside, these were a great purchase and really upped by hiking and networking game.

4. Harry Josh Blow Dryer: I initially saw this blowdryer at my salon, where it's avocado-hued exterior gave me Betty-Draper-vanity vibes and I needed to know more. Turns out, it's as effective as it is green: It has both traditional and ION drying settings, is lightweight and is built to last. I've had mine since 2013 and use it daily, and it still works as well as when I first bought it.

5. Curology: Curology is a subscription service that creates a custom blend of actives based on your skin type and problems. I started using the service when my retinol prescription expired, and have been loyal ever since. Since you get to chat one-on-one with a dermatologist through the app, you can ask as many questions as you'd like and be sure you love your custom formula (if not, you can adjust your formula easily until you find your perfect mix).

6. Nintendo Switch: I am a Nintendo loyalist. It's not precisely on-brand for cupcakes and cashmere, but I have spent as much time debating Mario vs. Luigi as I have chemical vs. physical exfoliation. The Switch came out a few years ago, but it still is the most accessible and enjoyable game system on the market. You can challenge yourself with Zelda, or for those who haven't gamed since Tetris, there are plenty of fun individual or group games that are easy to pick up (I cannot recommend Overcooked 2 enough!)

7. Sigma E06 Winged Liner Brush: I think I am missing the gene that allows a person to create an even cat eye (let me check my 23 and Me, one second)—but this winged eyeliner brush has helped me do my best to compensate. It's affordable, easy to use, and the fine brush tip makes a thin, clean line that you can build up for additional impact.

8. DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+: As a reformed sunscreen hoarder, I have tried every ingredient and combination of sun protectants possible, and so this is only my current favorite, but one I plan on keeping in my rotation. It's all natural and has a minimal list of ingredients (because I have such an extensive skincare routine, I like all my products to be low on ingredients and high on impact). Also, it's a natural, vegan and fragrance-free sunscreen with 20% zinc—I don't like to use anything below 20%—so it should play well with most skin types.

9. Siggi Womens UPF50 Foldable Wide Brim Hat: I am known in the office for wearing this hat for every office excursion, tarnishing group photos and Boomerangs with my commitment to sun protection. But I love that it was affordable, foldable, provides SPF 50 protection, and kind of goes with everything? Sure, you’re only going to turn heads because you have your head disguised by a giant hat, but I promise you it’s worth the shade (literal shade, not people shading your outfit—although that might happen too).

10. Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Pen 10 Color Set: This is simple—I love pens! My personal hobby is making lists of things I aspire to do but I am never going to finish—and the best way to not feel disheartened by my lack of motivation is to make those lists in fun colors and clean, 0.30mm fine lines. My personal pen of choice is the UniBall Signo, which loyally lives in every purse and junk drawer so I can list to my heart's content whenever the mood strikes.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.