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The 9 Best Things I Bought for Sloan in 2018

From the prettiest "big girl" bed to an indestructible iPad case
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Buying things for kids they won't tire of immediately, break, or grow out of is quite the challenge—which is why its worth pausing to reflect on the successes. Here are the best purchases I made for Sloan in 2018:


"Big girl" bed: Sloan was one of those kids that took her sweet time transitioning from her crib to a real bed, which I was fine with. We first put her crib mattress on the floor, and then she moved into a twin-sized bed. I went with the Crate and Barrel Kids' Jenny Lind white bed (and also got the coordinated bed rail since she sleeps like a wild one in the night), and it's so lovely. It feels both sweet and sophisticated at the same time and, depending on the bedding, it can mold to Sloan's style as she gets older.


Bamboo Kids Bowls: Finding chic dishware for toddlers that they still love is close to impossible. But in the interest of not having a ton of mismatched plastic bowls lying around, I bought a set in complementary sunset colors. They're dishwasher safe, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly, which make them a win-win in my book.


Bath Color Tablets: Most of the time, Sloan is pumped about bath time, but for those nights when she's reluctant to stop playing in order to bathe, I pull out these bath tabs. There are several hundred tablets in three shades that make the water turn the prettiest colors. Admission: I've used them myself anytime I want to pretend like I'm in the Caribbean for a few minutes.  

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Doctor Kit (similar kit available here): 2018 was the year that Sloan fully embraced imaginary games. It's pretty much all she wants to do, from insisting we play "baby game" (I'm always the baby) to pretending there's a monster chasing us. If there's one game she likes best though, it's playing "doctor." This set is pretty standard—it comes with a stethoscope, shot, thermometer, etc. and provides hours of entertainment.


Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed: Sloan's not yet at the age where she has sleepovers with friends, but whenever we're sleeping away from home and there isn't a bed for her, we use this travel bed. It inflates immediately (the pump comes as part of the set), and the little border along the outside ensures that she won't fall over the edge. It takes up hardly any room when not in use and is easy to just throw in the back of the car when leaving town.


Kids Foldable Headphones: We pack these headphones with us anytime we're traveling, since they fold up easily and fit into small bags. They're adjustable and offer good sound quality so when we're on airplanes, Sloan is able to watch her favorite movies.


Princesses of the World Puzzle: Sloan got into puzzles this year, which has been such a fun activity to do together. It teaches her how to be methodical and patient, and I love that it's something that she can do from start to finish. We have several rotating favorites, but the one with the Princesses of the World is the one she loves most.


Lonecone Rain Boots: Getting a 3-year-old dressed in the rain can be a little tricky if there's even the slightest bit of resistance. Luckily I bought these boots on a whim earlier this year, and they're so fun (unicorns! rainbows! stars!) that I have no problem getting her changed for wet weather.


Shock-Proof Ipad Case: Sloan only watches movies on an iPad when we travel, and in the past, I'd have to hold it up for her so she could simultaneously eat or relax. This case is great since it makes my job obsolete, helping prop-up whatever she's watching, while offering protection and a cute handle so she can proudly carry it around the airport.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.