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8 Self-Care Moments I'm Practicing This Summer

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Earlier this week, G and I returned from Cabo, a vacation I don't think we fully understood just how much we needed until we were on the beach with margaritas in hand. The trip served as a reminder, as trips tend to do, of how important it is to find little moments to take care of ourselves in our daily lives at home. To that end, I created a short list of small self-care rituals I'm practicing this summer, from lavender-scented bubble baths to long walks and playful manicures: 

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When I worked on my backyard with Thea and Dorianne earlier this year, we replaced a majority of the greenery with pickable flowers. While it'll still be a few seasons before our peonies are ready for vases, the previous owners planted gorgeous garden roses and hydrangeas that came into bloom this spring. Every few days, I head out to the garden to pick a few roses to keep on my desk—their scent alone is intoxicating. 

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Since getting my heart rate monitor taken off, I've been taking a bath almost daily to wind down from the day, and the smell of lavender helps ease into relaxation mode. Each evening, I add my longtime favorite, L'Occitane's Lavender Foaming Bath to the tub. The fragrance alone evokes so many summer memories, of the lavender that grew in my parents' backyard growing up, and now ours. It leaves my skin feeling supple and smelling just barely like lavender. Even a small amount under running water creates a rich, generous foam that feels so luxurious.

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Each morning, when putting on my makeup, I slip pretty, colorful hair clips into my hair. It's such a small gesture that it really shouldn't make as dramatic of a difference as it does, but it really makes the routine feel a bit more fun and inspiring (so much so, that I sometimes leave them in!).

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When it comes to my nails, I generally stick to neutrals, but I've been switching things up and giving myself manicures in a pale pistachio, adding pastel French tips (like these), playful nail stickers, or a touch of glitter as a pick-me-up. Afterwards, I use L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream to keep my manicure lasting longer.

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The produce is so delicious this time of year, you hardly have to do a thing to it. We've been tossing together big bowls of farmers' market produce—fresh salads with Dijon vinaigrette, watermelon, herb-packed pasta salad, gazpacho—and bringing them to our outdoor table to enjoy, with a glass or two of rosé, and a fresh strawberry pavlova for dessert.

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For a while, I'd fallen out of the routine of my morning walks since I wasn't allowed to exercise, but slipping on a crime podcast, a bright sweatshirt, and heading out the door for an easy, three-mile walk makes such a difference in my day. By the time I return home, I feel so much more inspired and creative vs. mornings when I jump straight into work. 

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I've taken to adding rainbow sprinkles along the edges of a shortbread cookie, a ditzy floral-inspired pie crust, and pastel royal icing to strawberry-shaped cookies, all of which give me immeasurable joy when baking summer confections.

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A vintage scarf can elevate a simple white tee or serve as living proof that "more is more." Lately, I've taken to tying colorful silk scarves and bandanas around my hair and to market bags as a final touch that feels like a nod to summer.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.