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Our Planners Are Back for 2021!

My favorite designs and the phone call that changed everything...
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I remember the day I got the call. It came in the first few weeks of quarantine, a time mostly punctuated by massive amounts of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. But the call stands out with such clarity because it was the first time I heard that our 2021 line of planners and agendas had been picked up and would be on the shelves of Target a second time (!). 

I'd been working on the collection since the first one was still on shelves—listening to your feedback, making adjustments, and taking note of the elements you loved most. I presented my plan to the Target team back in December, and finding out I would be able to create another line of products I'm so proud of, in one of my favorite stores, still doesn't feel real.

In creating this year's collection with the Blue Sky team, we took the best parts of the initial collection and made changes based directly on your feedback: We improved the stickers with fresh designs, added more space for notes, restructured the order, and improved upon bestsellers. 

Last year, the "Midnight Musk" and "Dalmatian Dot" agendas sold out nearly immediately, so we brought them back with updated designs and sizes. I also heard your request for notebooks loud and clear, and came out with two: We have a wire-bound notebook because I'm someone who gets annoyed when the pages refuse to lay flat, but we also have a stitched-spine option for those of you who want something small to throw into your purse. We've taken your different needs and requests into account in designing the size, patterns, and functionality. 

This collection is not only meant to make your life easier, but to add some sunshine to your day. As cheesy as it sounds, having a beautiful, high-quality planner feels like a simple thing you can do for yourself every day—even when many of us haven't actually had plans since March. 


If we've learned anything during this time, it's that a massive shift was long overdue. Before 2020 came, I think I'm not alone in saying many of us were guilty of over-filling our schedules, but it's given me the gift of perspective to realize what really matters: Quality time with family, finding things I'm passionate about (whether that's your job, family, or hobbies), and developing practices that consistently spark joy. It's also given me an excuse to slow down and put pen to paper. 

I get an enormous amount of pleasure out of handwriting notes, creating to-do lists, and scheduling things to look forward to. One of my favorite at-home traditions to emerge during quarantine, Sundae Sunday, began as a date written in my planner.

Whether you're still very much on-the-go as an essential worker, or finding yourself with much more time at home, my hope is that this collection—which includes not only 17 planners, but two wall calendars, notebooks, and accessories like the cutest pens—can be something that helps ground you, and inspire you as we move into 2021. 

The full 23-piece cupcakes and cashmere for Blue Sky collection is available now at, and will be available in stores this fall!  


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.