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My Top 10 Favorite Moments from 2018

Reflecting back on all the good from this year.
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Since I'm a pretty sentimental person most of the time, it's only fitting that around the end of the year, I really take things up a notch. 2018 was a good one. While it wasn't without its hardships and pain points, I learned a lot and came out feeling more confident and sure of myself as a wife, mother, friend, and business owner. Here are ten of my favorite moments from 2018:

10 years

1. The Ten Year Anniversary Party. Leading up to the ten-year anniversary of Cupcakes and Cashmere, I was a nervous wreck. Since we were planning such a big party (there were nearly 300 people in attendance), I worried that either people wouldn't show or I'd be too overwhelmed. But it couldn't have been more "me," and though it took me a while to embrace all of the attention, I allowed myself the space to feel truly proud of what I created.


2. Girls Trips (all four of them). 2018 was the year of girls trips. We went to the mountains in Big Sur, to the streets of New Orleans, to see the twinkling lights in Paris, and to the snow in Jackson Hole. Going on adventures with other like-minded women is not only empowering, but overwhelmingly fun. It's always a good reset for the rest of my life, and I can't wait for more trips next year.

3. April Fools. I've always been big into April Fools jokes, but this year might be my all-time favorite. The timing worked out well in that I'd gone to get an actual hair cut the night before (which I strategically teased while in the chair) only to share the results on April 1st—stills, boomerangs, videos—the works, of me casually tousling my new Meg Ryan-in-the-90s shag cut, complete with frosted tips. The vast majority of people fell for it and were livid about my transformation. G and I spent over an hour poring through the comments, literally rolling on the couch in spurts of laughter. Beyond the fact that it was such a fun prank, it also helped me reframe my relationship with negative comments.


4. Surprises by Brooke. My friend, Brooke, who moved from L.A. to Portland back in February, managed to surprise me not once, but twice, since she left. The first was at my ten-year party and shortly after I'd arrived, she tapped me on the shoulder. Of course I burst into tears immediately (which she'd anticipated) and despite having spent quite some time on my makeup, I was a happy, splotchy mess the rest of the night. The second time was a happy accident while at SFO—we were heading back home and she'd just arrived and we happened to be in the same terminal at the same time. I found out about it moments before and we decided to surprise Sloan. Again, more tears and lots of hugs. I'm certainly not happy we no longer live close to each other, but it does make the time spent together that much more special. 


5. A Rainy Day Lunch. This rainy day lunch happened not too long ago on the day after Thanksgiving. We'd been up north staying with my parents for the past few days, trapped inside due to smoke from nearby fires and non-stop rain. Though it was still pouring outside, G and I decided to go on a spontaneous date to a touristy spot in Sausalito for crab. We had cocktails, sat by a window overlooking the Bay, and felt as though we were on a luxuriously long vacation. 


6. Our Heat Wave Slumber Party. This past summer, during an oppressively hot weekend, our A/C unit blew out and the temperature inside our house quickly rose to the triple digits. I was at a concert with friends at the time while G was at home with Sloan and after he posted about it on social media, our friend Raina suggested we all come stay at their house for the weekend. A not-so-great situation quickly turned around the minute we arrived to their cool house and we spent the rest of the weekend doing puzzles, drinking Aperol Spritzes (Spritzi?), and ordering in take-out. It made me question why we don't have slumber parties anymore.


7. The Minnesota State Fair. I've been friends with Jenny for years now and each summer, she heads home to Minnesota to the State Fair where she helps run her family business, Sweet Martha's. She invited us out to stay at their lake house this summer so G, Sloan, Cristina and I packed our bags for a spontaneous summer adventure. I had no idea what kind of an empire Sweet Martha's truly is until we arrived (we were practically celebrities just by default of knowing the family) and had such an incredible time at the fair. We walked around all day, sampling all of the great food and discovering that Sloan is just as obsessed with amusement parks as her dad. 


8. Three Weddings. I love a wedding and this past year, we went to three of them. My cousin Kylie got married in Yosemite, her sister, Cass a couple of months later in Ohio, and my friend Mandy, in L.A. It's such a special privilege to watch two people and their families come together and I enjoyed celebrating them all.


9. Hawaii with My Family. I hadn't traveled with my parents since I was in college, but we all decided it was long overdue and booked a trip to Oahu, Hawaii to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday this past summer. We got two rooms so that we wouldn't be too on top of each other, and it was truly a perfect trip. We explored the island in search of the best food trucks (there were lots of them), and spent hours each day burying Sloan in the sand. She might not remember it when she's older, but I will forever.

date night

10. A staycation in Santa Monica. G and I haven't gone anywhere alone in a while since it's so much harder now that Sloan's older. But a few months back, when my parents were in town, we slipped away to Santa Monica for a little staycation. We only went away for one night, but that time away was so special. It's funny how such a small change can create such a big shift in your mindset—a good reminder to squeeze in more little getaways next year.

Have a very merry Christmas tomorrow and a wonderful new year. I look forward to great things to come in 2019. Here's to your health and happiness! xx

P.S., Our entire team is taking the next week off so this will be our last post of the year! See what we're up to on my Instagram at @emilyschuman and at @shopcupcakesandcashmere. See you back here after the new year!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.