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Meet Our Shop Team (And How Your Orders Get to Your Door)

A behind-the-scenes peek at the women of our eCommerce team!

You may recognize members of our eCommerce team from when they guest-model for the Shop (oh heyRaven!), appear in coffee shop chats on @shopcupcakesandcashmere, or from this feature last year, but the majority of the work they do is behind-the-scenes, not to mention the fact that we've added a few new faces since we last introduced them! The four women on our eCommerce team are the heart of our Shop, doing everything from working closely with Emily to find the best brands and products, to designing exclusive pieces like jewelry and candles, then finally shipping them to you (if you've ever ordered anything from the Shop, chances are it's been packed by Josephine!). Read on to get to know the Buyer, Merchandise Manager, Planning Manager, and Fulfillment Coordinator who make up our eCommerce team: 

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Hometown: Los Angeles, C.A.
What do you do at cupcakes and cashmere? I attend trade shows with Lisa, looking for new vendors, trends, and product that aligns well with the brand. Coordinating with vendors to receive samples for shoots, making sure our orders are on schedule, and communicating with our fulfillment team is probably what takes up a majority of my time. There is a lot that goes into the product flow from initially looking at line sheets to merchandising the product on the website, but it makes it all worthwhile when our team loves it all too!
How about a weekend? Fridays are reserved for happy hour with my roommates at this great little Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood, Marix. Saturday mornings are my dog Canela's time to shine at the dog park and then we usually have a birthday party or brunch to attend. Sundays are usually dedicated to doing whatever chores we need to get done and visiting my family.
Early bird or night owl? Well, I go to bed at 9 pm and I like to cuddle with Canela and my cat Max until 7 am so... neither! I just really love being cozy in bed. 
I take my coffee with... cream and sugar. I love sweet coffee.
Describe your style in three words: Vintage-inspired, casual, feminine 
Favorite trend for fall: Pioneertown: western/prairie vibes all the way! And snakeskin mid-calf boots. I'll probably mix both for a pioneer, retro 70's look this fall. 
Least favorite trend, of all time: Chokers and fake glasses
Which item in your closet can you not live without? A pair of Vans. 
Favorite thing about the new office? The open space and having all of the team on one floor! [In our last office, the eCommerce team worked mainly out of the second floor, with the Editorial and Marketing team on the ground level!]
What city do you think has the best style? I'm an L.A. native, so definitely L.A. I love the different styles based on different parts of the city from surfer/skater to cute boho dresses. I feel like I definitely get some of my style inspiration from the city. 
What is your favorite outfit that you own? My flowy FP dress, Lack of Color hat, Leopard print Vans and a red lip. 
Favorite piece of clothing on the Shop (either current or upcoming!)? I cannot stop Instagramming/talking about the Aspen Coat, coming soon. I cannot wait to buy it!
In addition to c&c, what are some of your favorite brands right now? Free People, LoveShackFancy, and Daydreamer 
You recently went to your first trade show! What was it like and what did you do there? Last February was my first and it was a THRILL. I recently went to my second, Magic & Project in Las Vegas, and again, I loved it! I love the hustle and bustle of the show and being able to see how everyone shows off their own take on different trends. It's also fun to be able to meet with vendors who I email with daily and don't get to see a lot in person. Going to trade shows really allows us to create relationships with vendors we already work with to see their new collections as well as find new brands that we think our customers would love.
TV show, book, or podcast? (And what's your favorite??) I like to read and listen to podcasts BUT, I really love watching TV. I'm basically always watching a crime show (20/20, L&O, Mindhunter), The Office and whatever is new on HBO, which right now is Righteous Gemstones. 
Go-to karaoke song? Super embarrassing but my go-to is Fergalicious, it really gets the people going. 
Can you bring Canela into the office tomorrow?? YES OF COURSE! She loves you all!

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Hometown: Ventura, C.A.
What does a typical workday look like for you? I start by working on and responding to emails from our jewelry vendors. We work with companies based in other countries, so taking care of these first is important. Wholesale is both working in-season and working ahead to future seasons, so I base my day on getting product flowing, and making sure we have product on order for upcoming seasons.
How about a weekend? Lately, my weekends have been looking the same; cleaning and grilling. I've been on a tear selling and donating clothing I no longer need, which makes me feel lighter. While I cook at home often, we have really been enjoying having friends over and using our new grill.
Early bird or night owl? Early bird! If I look at the time and it's past 10 a.m., I feel like the day is over.
I take my coffee with... almond creamer. I love an iced almond latte.
Describe your style in three words: Casual, classic, monochromatic (I wear a lot of black!)
Favorite trend for fall: Slip dresses. I wear jeans or pants often, but slip dresses are versatile (I've seen tons of solids and print versions) and everybody can feel comfortable wearing one.
Least favorite trend, of all time: Low rise jeans, easily.
Which item in your closet can you not live without? Black blazer, baby! I have several and all serve a different purpose.
Favorite thing about the new office? I have two. I really enjoy our shared space, which opens communication. Second, the fact that there's now a filtered water cooler.
As a buyer, you're responsible for sourcing brands and products - what pieces are you most excited about coming to the Shop this fall? We have some excellent coats and sweaters coming this fall. Predictable, yes, but we have some on-trend pieces that will live on through winter that I am really excited about.
Favorite piece of clothing on the Shop (either current or upcoming!)? Currently, the Pocket Crop Tee from Nytt. Perfect with something high waisted, and doesn't look too oversized. Upcoming, we have a sweatshirt and sweatpant set in a faded leopard print from Pistola that should hit the Shop very soon.
Favorite jewelry on the Shop? The Scarlett is my favorite earring, in either size (offered in 9mm or 12mm). They are so pretty and easy. We have more new original jewelry styles coming out this fall, so keep your eyes open!
In addition to c&c, what are some of your favorite brands right now? Reformation, Kourt (coming soon to the Shop!), Charlie Holiday (more newness coming in fall).
TV show, book, or podcast? (And what's your favorite??) If I had to choose one of three, it would probably be podcasts. My favorites are Last Podcast on the Left (think classic real-life horror as opposed to true crime), How Did This Get Made? (try the Fast and the Furious episodes), and RedHanded (solid, classic true crime hosted by two girls whose voices are like ASMR).
What's your favorite part about your job? I love the relationships I have with vendors. I have known many for several years, and it's great to have these people in my life who understand the ups and downs of the wholesale industry. I also really enjoy putting together visuals for product that is coming in, so everyone from planning to marketing can see what we're working with.
What is the biggest misconception about being a buyer? I think a lot of people think we shop for a living. While we do go to trade shows and look at merchandise, it involves a lot of vendor relationships, operations, product flow, and spreadsheets. The work is never done; we work both in-season and pre-booking, so we are always looking towards the future. This makes the job exciting and fulfilling, and I love what I do.

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Hometown: Valencia, C.A.
What do you do at cupcakes and cashmere? To put it simply... anything related to orders and customer service, I handle.
How about a weekend? I'm probably watching a newly released movie with my boyfriend or eating some gooood food.
Early bird or night owl? I'm not sure. On a day off, I don't like to go to sleep past midnight, but I also don't like waking up before 10. If I could, I would sleep all day.
I take my coffee with... just black please (low-key not much of a coffee drinker).
You have the longest commute of anyone... how do you spend your two-plus hours in the car each day? My playlist is just on repeat or sometimes I enjoy a silent drive just because I'm so tired. But I would love a good podcast/song recommendation!
Describe your style in three words: Minimal, oversized, neutral
Favorite trend for fall: I can't list just one...Puffy jackets, oversized blazers, and midi/maxi dresses.
Least favorite trend, of all time: Shoulder pads.
Which item in your closet can you not live without? Any of my wedgie fit, high rise, straight leg denim pants.
Favorite thing about the new office? That I don't have to climb so many stairs anymore! And that there are so many things to do/eat around us.
What city do you think has the best style? Probably N.Y.C. 
What is your favorite outfit that you own? My Levi's 501 high-rise denim shorts with a basic white or band tee paired with my Docs and some basic jewelry.
Most rewarding message you've ever received from a customer, via customer service? I just love it when people respond saying we (me or G) were super helpful and quick to resolve the issue. :)
Favorite piece of clothing on the Shop (either current or upcoming!)? Too many good things are coming in soon that I can't choose just one! But for current, probably the Beau Maxi Dress. (You'll see it soon!) 
Favorite jewelry on the Shop? I love the small Mila's. A pair of mini hoop earrings is a necessity to my everyday outfit.
In addition to c&c, what are some of your favorite brands right now? Urban Outfitters (my closet is pretty much its own Urban Outfitters), & Other Stories, and Levi's for all my bottoms.
...and where do you get the amazing scrunchies you wear to the office? Urban Outfitters! Of course... they have the best scrunchies
TV show, book, or podcast? (And what's your favorite??) I'm a die-hard Friends fan. I've probably watched it more than 10 times.
Favorite thing about living in L.A.? Probably the diversity, which means tons of good/different foods to try everywhere!

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Hometown: Mead, W.A.
What do you do at cupcakes and cashmere? I am the Retail Planning Manager! I am in charge of creating a buy plan (budget) for each season and helping create some structure and momentum to help meet all of our financial goals. I work extremely close to the buying team by creating a guide to categories we should be spending most of our time and resources on. I also help figure out what you (the customer) want to see on our Shop by looking at data and analytics!
What does a typical workday look like for you? I am constantly looking at data and seeing areas of opportunity for the business. A big part of my passion for the business is actually not the creative part but the financial part! I am always searching for areas we can improve in and operate more efficiently. That can look like finding new and improved shipping carriers and platforms to use, negotiating cost and payment terms with vendors, and figuring out what products we should order more of or less of. I have also been called a spreadsheet queen... I am slightly obsessed with Excel and creating spreadsheets. There is something so amazing about being able to find patterns and insights within the numbers and using them to drive a healthy business. Every day looks so different, and I love that I get to work in such a collaborative space.
How about a weekend? I love to explore new "things" happening in LA; new restaurants, coffee shops, and flea markets! I also am very involved in my church! I spend a lot of time serving at my church on Sundays and doing inner-city outreach.
Early bird or night owl? I wish I was an early bird, but I am definitely a night owl.
I take my coffee with... tons of different ways. I am a huge fan of specialty menus and trying my coffee every way possible. [Editorial Note: Jayme knows more about coffee than anyone we've ever met! She's an endless resource on it.]
You studied fashion—what's one thing you wish everyone knew about the industry? I wish everyone knew that the true fashion industry is not very glamorous. Everyone assumes that if you work in fashion you get to spend every day looking at luxurious brands and fabrics, wearing stilettos, drinking Champagne, and working with fashionable trend forecasters. Most of the time, it is long hours, taking your lunch break at your desk (still working), working with a very diverse group of vendors (who are not very luxurious), lots of meetings, looking through SO many pieces of clothing before finding the ones you feel actually excited about, and did I mention you look at a computer screen 90% of your day? It is pretty hard work, and definitely not for everyone. I would say the fashion industry, for the most part, is a sink or swim industry. You either love it, thrive in it, and excel in it...or you feel a complete lack of passion or drive and don't understand why everyone around you is working so hard. With all that being said, I have never been more inspired than by working with people in this industry. I am constantly motivated and challenged to think outside of the box and be a true creative individual. I love that I get to see what I am working on, on actual people when I go out into the world or even watch sales on a style I felt really strongly about! It is such a great feeling and one that is hard to describe unless you are also in the industry.
Describe your style in three words: Eclectic, feminine, and colorful
Favorite trend for fall: I am obsessed with pastels so I am really excited that fall this year has a lot of light pinks, baby blues, tans, and lavenders in it! Anything from a fur coat to a silky slip - if it is in baby blue or light pink - I am buying it!
Least favorite trend, of all time: When denim has light-colored bulky stitching on it...I can't.
Which item in your closet can you not live without? Birkenstocks! I said this on my Instagram interview but I seriously cannot go one week without wearing them at least three or four times. I have had the same black leather pair for almost four years and can't wait to get more!
Favorite thing about the new office? The water machine. :) Gotta love ice-cold water at the touch of a button.
What city do you think has the best style? I actually love Australian brands! I'm obsessed with BNKR and The Posse and a lot of the fashion and beauty bloggers I follow are based in Australia.
What is your favorite outfit that you own? A strapless black Trouve jumpsuit I bought for a wedding.
Favorite piece of clothing on the Shop (either current or upcoming!)? I am extremely excited about some of the light blue sweaters we have on order! Particularly one from Charlie Holiday (also an Australian brand) that is a chunky light blue cardigan with big brown buttons.
Favorite jewelry on the Shop? I am pretty minimal when it comes to jewelry and things in my ears. The Scarlett is literal perfection to me. Petite and sparkly!
TV show, book, or podcast? (And what's your favorite??) TV show and movies! A majority of my friends are in the film industry so I am naturally pretty obsessed with film and visually watching a story in front of me on a screen.
Small town or big city? Hmmm...I am from a small town but now live in a big city! I love them both.
What's been your favorite part about living in L.A.? I love the diversity! I am a pretty social person so I love that I can meet people from every corner of the world and enjoy their stories, food, and culture!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.