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23 Pretty Good Movies That Are Exactly What We Want to Watch Right Now

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Here's the thing. Best Picture winners are great, and an edge-of-your-seat thriller is hard to beat, but on a team call last week, we got to talking about all of the "just okay, but totally pleasant" movies we've been watching recently. As things begin to open back up, we've found ourselves craving movies where everything turns out okay—the protagonist's Italian house renovation comes together in the end (and the contractor is a stud) and everyone is unnaturally, but adorably, witty. We're watching movies that have maybe a few twists and turns, but reliably stable, wholesome endings where everyone's happy—including us. We shared a few of our favorites below, to add to your "to watch "list:

Kicking this list off with a movie from the okayest of okay movie categories: a holiday movie! As someone who's more likely to be camping on Christmas than trimming a tree, I'm not the most likely candidate for holiday movies, but this story, of Mackenzie Davis introducing her girlfriend played by Kristen Stewart to the family, is so sweet, funny, and charming. - Leslie

Before recommending this movie, I admittedly did check its score on Rotten Tomatoes (a solid 5.9/10) just to confirm it's not embarrassingly bad and critics agreed that it's perfectly average. While the storyline of a father and his estranged son is rather predictable, watching them restore their dilapidated home in Tuscany is sweet and has the same appeal as a home improvement show that takes place in the Italian countryside. - Emily

After scoring tickets to see Ali Wong's stand up back in (very early) 2020, I felt the need to explore more of her work and was pleasantly surprised to find Always Be My Maybe available on Netflix from just a year prior. The comedy is great, the cameos are greater (no spoilers, but I promise it's surprising!), and the movie is an overall delight: sweet yet silly yet witty, filled with characters you want as your best friends. - Jess

This one brings me right back to being a little girl, completely invested in the lives of the close-knit friend group spending their first summer apart, my eyes glued to the TV at a slumber party. Although this might generally be categorized as a “just okay” movie, I know it holds a special place in the hearts of other women around my age who also grew up watching it, seeing themselves in and feeling connected to Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget. A coming of age story full of love, heartbreak, and other challenges teenage girls go through, I remember watching with a sense of eagerness and excitement to grow up and experience my ‘firsts’ in the world, too. - Lauren

Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson. I could really end my description there, but this movie is a total delight—you know from the get-go that Mindy's dream of becoming a late-night writer is going to happen and that she'll end up warming Emma's cold heart. It delivers on both fronts! - Leslie

I slightly hate myself for how much I love this absolutely mediocre scorned woman, revenge movie, but the on-screen chemistry between Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton is undeniable, and their friendships read as totally genuine. The reviews are brutal, but if you prefer your happily ever afters to end with empowered female friendships over finding that one true love, it's worth watching. - Jess

Possibly my least-favorite movie in the Meyers canon (directed by Nancy's daughter, Hallie) with the exception of Baby Boom (the artisan baby food storyline threw me), Home Again is exactly as good as it needs to be. In it, Reese Witherspoon lives in an insanely beautiful house with one of those $400 Diptyque candles in her bedroom, befriends a trio of super-charming L.A. actors, and has Candace Bergen as a mother. - Leslie

A 2011 RomCom starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Anniston, Nicole Kidman, AND even Dave Matthews?! Say no more. If you’re a fan of vacation movies and happen to be on the hunt for some family-friendly entertainment that’ll potentially get you to chuckle and keep you mildly amused, then this is for you. I’ll admit that I catch myself laughing out loud at parts that aren’t actually that funny... but overall it’s a feel-good movie you should at least watch once. - Lauren

This was the first thing I watched in quarantine. When I saw that it featured Gina Rodriguez ( 😍) and LaKeith Stanfield (😍😍), I didn't stand a chance. While the movie wound up being totally fine, I'd still say it's worth a viewing for any young 20-or-30-something that feels like their life isn't totally figured out (...which is probably most of us?!). - Jess

If I'd read the synopsis before watching the movie, I probably would have skipped it, but I'm glad I didn't. It was a slow, beautiful film reimagining the events of an excavation of large mounds on a woman's property and the discovery of a ship from the Dark Ages. I felt oddly invested in the characters (Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan) and the experience of watching it was meditative and lovely. - Emily

Rashida Jones suspects her husband of cheating on her. Egged on by her adulterous father, the two go on stake-outs (complete with caviar) throughout New York City to get to the bottom of things. It's directed by Sofia Coppola, who I can only hope has half as an adorable relationship with her dad, good ol' Francis. - Leslie

I remember watching this movie as a kid and finding it absolutely hilarious...and almost 20 years later I’m still laughing out loud at the same scenes. Do I know all the words to Adam Sandler’s corny campfire serenade of “Forgetful Lucy” and giggle too hard at his cheesy grin? Possibly. The cast itself is just brilliant. The Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore duo is one of the best, Rob Schneider’s character, Ula, brings me more joy than I can explain, and lastly, I have a soft spot for brother Doug played by Sean Astin and his questionable fashion sense. As cheesy and “just okay” this movie may be, I could never get sick of it. - Lauren

When a young, adorable Abigail Breslin asks her (young, adorable) father Ryan Reynolds to tell her the plot of "How I Met Your Mother," he proceeds to share three interweaving stories about his three loves, played by Isla Fischer, Elizabeth Banks, and Rachel Weisz. It's fun and sweet! (Suggested pairings: How Do You Know? and He's Just Not That Into You). - Leslie

Before watching, I had no idea EuroVision was a real competition (that birthed ABBA's "Waterloo", so I'm ashamed that it wasn't on my radar!), but this RomCom opened my eyes to the magic that is the song contest. If you're a fan of musical movies, this is the perfect mediocre film to throw on, where you'll be tickled by some Will Ferrell humor, gawk at the always gorgeous Rachel McAdams, and walk away with a few new fun songs to add to your Spotify playlists. - Jess

Based on a Nick Hornby novel (the source of some of the best "okay" movies), Rose Byrne plays the girlfriend of Chris O'Dowd, who's been obsessed with a rockstar for decades. She strikes up a friendship with the musician, played by Ethan Hawke, much to the amazement and hilarious jealousy of Chris. - Leslie

Ah, there’s nothing better than the typical "nerdy girl gets a makeover, removes her glasses, and is suddenly popular" movie. This was one of the first PG-13 movies I saw (when I was definitely too young, oops!), and despite its cliche high school RomCom storyline, is easily one of my guilty pleasures that I could watch over and over again. Two reasons: The 1999 fashion is absolutely everything, and I’m a sucker for choreographed dance scenes. - Lauren

Come for Tracee Ellis Ross, stay for Dakota Johnson's '70s inspired outfits, keep watching in spite of the obvious plot holes (like I said, we aren't looking for Best Pictures here, people!). Just a fun, joyful adventure through the L.A. music world. I smiled through the entire thing. - Leslie

This movie hosts one of the most random combinations of my favorite Hollywood actors and actresses (Leslie Mann, Zac Efron, Matthew Perry) and brings me right back to my senior year of high school. It's by no means a "good movie" but it's heartwarming, funny, and irresistibly charming. I'll put 17 Again on when I need to mix up my regular rotation of 10 Things I Hate About You, She's the Man, and 13 Going on 30. - Jess

Diane Lane gets divorced and takes a tour bus to Tuscany, where she lives all of our Italian pipe dreams, spontaneously buying and renovating a run-down house while making a million Italian friends, meeting an Italian hunk, and drinking all of the wine. Sidebar: It's more fun if you treat it as a sequel to Grey's Anatomy, in which Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh end up together. - Leslie

Under the Tuscan Sun, but with more travel, a better soundtrack, and Julia Roberts. - Leslie

Like I mentioned earlier... musical movies are a thing for me, and as a pretty passionate Elton John fan (inherited from my dad), I couldn't wait to watch Rocketman. As the post infers, I found it to be completely and totally okay, with the music carrying the majority of the plot, but littered with fantastical costumes and a pretty remarkable and raw performance by Taron Egerton. - Jess

Jonah and I watched this the week we got Toast, and honestly, it was the best thing we could have watched. It's sad, for sure (Marley is living in dog years... if you get my drift), but overall heartwarming and sweet. Plus, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are just a delight for the eyes. - Leslie

Whenever this movie is brought up in a discussion, it’s either loved or hated and there’s no in-between. To me, it's endearing, hilarious, and a tad bizarre, with some of the best lines to quote. It wouldn’t be the same without its nods to the '80s featuring When In Rome’s “The Promise” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” but maybe I’m biased as a fellow 80’s music enthusiast. Of course, how could I forget about Patrick Street’s “Music for a Harmonium?” If you’ve seen this movie, it’s that one guitar song that first plays when Pedro gets a standing ovation...which gives me chills every time, I might add. The one that sounds like pure happiness and makes you want to hug and twirl and frolic barefoot in a breezy field at sunset. As some viewers roll their eyes to this movie, I give it a chef’s kiss. - Lauren

A few bonuses because we could really do this all day: The Set Up, Crazy Stupid Love, Like Father, Dumplin', Moxie!, Chef, The Family Stone

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.