I've Been Waiting to Make This Very Permanent Decision Since I Was 18

I was nervous, but I couldn't be happier...

When I was eighteen, I was considering a tattoo until my mom gave me advice I'll never forget. At the time, I wanted a pair of cherries to live on my ankle forever. To her credit, she didn't say "no." Instead, she simply suggested I print-out the exact tattoo I wanted and frame it by my bed where I would see it every single day. If I wasn't sick of it by the end of the year, she told me, I could seriously consider it. Thankfully, after a couple of months, I opted against the cartoonish fruit, but I've never quite gotten over the idea of getting something meaningful tattooed. This past month, we celebrated eleven years of cupcakes and cashmere, and a tattoo felt like the perfect way to commemorate it.

As I mentioned before, I'm not someone who's great about taking time to acknowledge my accomplishments or allowing myself to feel proud. But this company, and all of the people who have helped make it what it is today, is something I felt needed to be celebrated in a permanent way. This past week, I did something I've been considering since I was eighteen and finally got my first tattoo, of the cupcakes and cashmere logo.

I've never been a fan of needles. Like most people, they terrify me, but I found that with a lot of deep breaths and my ear pods (do not forget those!), as soon as we started, I quickly got into a Zen mode and the rest of the process was seamless. It's still a little sore, and a tiny bit red, but I'm just so, so happy with how it came out! 

Nervous, but ready!

Nervous, but ready!

My first tattoo! 

My first tattoo! 

None of this would be possible without you. I hope you love it as much as I do! x

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